Building and


Wenaas has extensive experience and superior competence in workwear for this sector. On the basis of our own experience and input from our users, we have now developed a craftsman collection that covers multiple needs and a variety of work patterns
Visibility clothing

Safe and comfortable

3-layer clothing

Cold and wet climate and demanding work situations call for workwear that provides solid protection from the inner to the outer layer. Our 3-layer system makes it simple to regulate body temperature by putting on a garment or taking one off, depending on the current work situation.


All personal protection equipment used in the workplace must be CE marked and provide appropriate protection at all times against the risk the employee is exposed to.

Protective equipment and workwear for a safe and secure working day

From the very start, we at Wenaas have worked closely with the people who actually use our products, and in the 1960s and 1970s we steadily developed workwear and personal protective equipment intended specifically for craftsmen. To begin with, we focused on vests featuring practical pockets on the outside, before moving on to trousers – the predecessor to modern-day craftsmen’s trousers – and, subsequently, complete collections. Our new workwear solutions have helped make the working day simpler and more effective. For as long as the company has existed, Wenaas has been a driving force behind the development of more functional work clothes.

Today, we possess peerless product skills regarding work clothes for craftsmen, as well as personal protective equipment for the building and construction industry and a number of other sectors. Our professional environment comprises product experts with the stated aim of improving our products and range on an ongoing basis. Wenaas workwear and protective equipment must always be functional and comfortable, and must always provide the necessary safety. The garments are, of course, certified in line with the latest EN standards.