Risk assessment of an enterprise is an ongoing process. It requires regular mapping processes and evaluations of hazards and challenges in work situations.

Pyrad electric arc

WHAT IS ARC flash?

Protection is essential for everyone who works with electrical installations, performs maintenance of equipment in systems not secured against arc flash, and works with high-voltage equipment.

A heavyweight disguised as a lightweight

The Litium range of footwear can withstand both melted metal and 18,000 volts – but weighs just 914 grams.

Safe and secure at work with customised workwear and protective equipment

Wenaas is a pioneer in the development and production of workwear in Norway, based on the needs of Norwegian workers. We have built up a professional environment unique in the Nordic region and this competence has placed us at the very top of the market. In addition to product concepts for workwear and personal protective equipment from head to toe, we provide a cost-efficient, complete solution comprising:

  • Counselling
  • Sales
  • Customer support
  • Efficient logistics
  • After sales service

Focus on user-friendly work clothes in partnership with the industry

Our professional experts work closely with everything from heavy industry – smelting plants, welding companies and shipyards, for example – to light industry, such as the furniture and process sectors, as well as the electricity industry and telecoms. The objective is always to develop work clothes and protective equipment solutions that are functional and comfortable, and which provide the necessary safety from head to toe.