Litium-Range of footwear for the smelting sector

A heavyweight disguised as a lightweight

The Litium range of footwear can withstand both melted metal and 18,000 volts – but weighs just 914 grams. Wenaas has been clothing the people who build the country for over 80 years. Few professional categories make such high demands as the smelting sector. High temperatures, splashes of molten metal from casting and welding, and high electrical voltages. This has also resulted in a new and more stringent certification standard for footwear under EN ISO 20349. The completely new Litium model shoe is Wenaas’ answer to these challenges. Weighing just 914 grams, the new shoes accommodate all safety requirements, while simultaneously looking after the feet that wear them.

Litium range fottwear for the smelting sector

A full-cover cap and well-thought-out seam solutions prevent molten metal, concrete, oil and mud sticking to the shoes, and make it possible to rinse them in water to clean them without damaging the zip and laces.


  • Good absorption and the correct height help prevent twists and sprains.
  • Easy to put on/take off, with laces, a zip fastener on the side and a tab on the heel.
  • Low weight: 914 grams


  • Special sole providing electrical insulation up to 18,000 volts
  • Highest level of protection against weld splash and angle-grinding sparks.
  • Extremely strong grip thanks to its extraordinary anti-slip properties.
  • Protection against high voltage makes Litium a great choice – also for people who work on railways, light railways and in other environments where high voltage is a common hazard.


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