Quality requirements and service life for uniforms

The functionality and service life of the uniform garments play a key role in defining the quality. We at Wenaas have a conscious attitude regarding the quality concepts that are crucial to the production of uniforms, placing emphasis on aspects including:

  • Weight and bindings
  • Seams and technical solutions
  • A good fit “for everyone”
  • Test reports to document the level of quality

The right quality for the purpose can also involve reduced total costs, positive environmental impact and a better experience for customers and users.

Things to bear in mind when choosing your uniform supplier

To be sure that your quality requirements are met with regard to comfort, durability and price, it is important to bear the following in mind:

  • Choose fabrics from recognised mills, ideally from producers who specialise in metre fabrics for uniforms
  • Choose qualities that others have used with a positive outcome. Listen to the producer’s advice regarding mixes, weight, bindings, and so on
  • Listen to the advice from the designer/supplier, and draw on the knowledge of the textile technicians and experience from customers with corresponding needs
  • Ask for details of reference customers who use the same quality
  • Have the quality level verified through relevant test reports
Quality tests for uniforms

The qualities of our uniforms are documented according to international EN standards and ISO test reports. All tests are performed by accredited test laboratories to make sure that the results are relevant. Some of the aspects tested:

  • Wear resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Colour fastness

We take a conscious position on the environment

High quality in uniforms means a long service life, which, in turn, translates into less wear and less discarding. We take a conscious position on several factors that all contribute to eco-friendly production:

  • Good products with a long service life and high wear resistance translate into reduced consumption of raw materials, less shipping and less waste
  • We use eco-friendly materials such as viscose, rayon, wool, recycled polyester and organic cotton
  • We use Blue Sign dyeing
  • We make sure that every aspect of production, from raw material to finished product, complies with international requirements and standards


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