New uniform for Posten and Bring

Posten Bring is a company with a large number of employees in different “professional groups” with different needs historically as regards clothing (transport, courier, production, cold storage, post offices, etc.) – a separate collection has been prepared for each group. Working closely with the design agency Snøhetta, Wenaas developed a new, simplified and shared collection for Posten and Bring.

The project objectives:
  • Develop a complete, new uniform for Posten and Bring in the Nordic region.
  • Simplify the product portfolio and coordinate the products within each professional group.
  • Use new technology/qualities in the textile market, and base the uniforms on a “layer on layer” principle corresponding to the practice in the sports sector. This helps reduce the number of garments in the collection.
  • Coordinate and accommodate the needs of all user groups for specific solutions in the clothes in a new, shared collection.
  • Establish a new, modern and straightforward design that reflects Nordic style and the company’s own profile.
  • Focus on environmental considerations in the selection of qualities and production methods.
  • Focus on total costs over time – through the quality and service life of the products.

The design process and technical solutions

Having sorted, reduced and clarified the number of garments in the collection – and divided the products up into the respective professional groups – we focused on defining qualities, functions and technical solutions, etc. In parallel with this, the design of the products was developed in relation to the design programme and on the basis of feedback from the users. Cost analyses were prepared and compared to the existing cost – to highlight the reductions in the total costs. The new collection was then tested. Changes were subsequently made on the basis of feedback received, and the final collection was launched in the Nordic region in autumn 2017.


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