Assembly gloves

Assembly is Wenaas® new series within the assembly glove category. With this new series, we wanted to take things one step further. What does that mean for you as the end consumer?​​​​​​​

Benefits of assembly gloves

Assembly gloves Assembly gloves
  • Improved thumb grip with ergonomic fitting

  • Enhanced cuff

  • Produced in two different qualities of goatskin

  • Special edition with chromium-free microfiber

By emphasizing vital areas such as material quality, fit, performance and design, we believe that we meet your demands as the end consumer in a better way. Common for all of our gloves is the improved thumb grip and enhanced cuff. Furthermore, we have introduced a Premium glove with the best leather quality, reinforcement in the palm area, and a timeless design that catches the eye.

The Assembly series - Improved thumb grip

We have altered the way in which we manufacture the thumb grip. Traditional thumb grips have a tendency to lead to a worse glove fit. However, the thumb grip is now improved and elaborated, in that the leather is shaped more carefully and placement relies on enhancing ergonomic properties.

The Assembly series - Enhanced cuff

How the glove fits around the wrist is essential for the user experience. We have chosen to depart from textile-based cuffs and instead chosen TPR (thermoplastic rubber). TPR allows for a more robust fitting of the cuff, and following allows the cuff to sit better around the wrist.

The Assembly series - Different levels of quality

We have chosen to separate quality by colors. Black and white is our premium glove with the best leather quality. With our blue and white glove, we have swapped the pigskin with goatskin, which provides better dexterity. Finally, the grey and white glove is made with microfiber, and it is chromium-free, in case you react to this element.

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