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Glasses Bollè Rush+ CSP 1 Wenaas Small
Glasses Bollè Rush+ CSP 1 Wenaas  Large

Glasses Bollè Rush+ CSP

Item No.: 0-20103-15000-98
Color: Assorted
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  • Bollè

Spectacle in two-color sporty design with indoor/outdoor CSP lens and panoramic view. Lightly tinted lens that is effective in activities with varying light conditions, both bright and dim light. Anti scratch and anti fog PLATINIUM® permanent coating on both sides. Washable. Metal free. Flexible and ventilated temples, non-slip adjustable bridge. Suitable for working environments with changing lighting conditions, and extremely hot and cold environments. Weight 26 gr. Carton: 24 boxes of 10 pcs.
Color: Assorted (98)
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    EN 166, EN 172, Lens marking: 5-1,4 Bollè 1 FT KN CE