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We go out of the way to create fall protection equipment that brings people safely home. So naturally, we also collaborate with the best partners in the field. AAK Safety is our companion when it comes to product development and our provider of courses for companies with needs of training employees in how to use fall protection equipment.

Fall protection courses and training

Through AAK Safety’s competence centers we offer courses and counseling within fall protection systems, rescue and access technology. Their instructors have broad experience from land-based industry as well as offshore.

Courses and training take place at AAK Safety’s competence centers at Åndalsnes, Bergen, and Vestfold. Training emphasizes realistic constructions, with an opportunity for simulating the participants’ work situation. To increase learning outcome, courses may be arranged at customer locations. This assumes adequate and safe training facilities.

Feedback from our courses tells us that the instructors have a very good ability for communicating assurance and sound attitudes, which in our opinion is a prerequisite for imparting knowledge than can be put into practice.

Fixed fall protection systems

Via AAK Safety we can also offer fixed systems and installations. They are produced by Europe’s major manufacturers of fall protection systems and anchorages for access and work at heights. AAK Safety engineer and install effective and custom-­made fall protection systems and access solutions to enable safe, secure and efficient work at heights. We can offer:

  • Fall protection wire systems – horizontal and vertical wire systems specially designed and approved for protection of personnel.
  • Guardrail systems – mobile and permanent railing systems for different types of constructions.
  • Rail systems – horizontal and vertical rail systems approved for protection of personnel.
  • Anchorages – mobile and permanent anchorage solutions for a number of purposes.

Would you like to obtain further information on courses, counseling or training within fall protection? Feel free to contact your local Wenaas department or our head office.

Periodic control

Alt fall protection equipment must be controlled by a competent person minimum every twelve months acc. to NS-EN 365. This is to ensure that all equipment is subject to a minimum of qualified controls during its lifetime, and that unfit equipment is taken out of service.

For periodic controls, please contact us at post@wenaas.no.


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