Summer clothes

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HiVIS EXTREME - summer collection

When temperature's rising it quickly gets too hot to work in the usual workwear. Then it's good to put on T-shirts with breathing fabrics and shorter trousers.

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Wenaas Golden t-shirts

A comfortable T-shirt is a must on a hot summer day. Our Golden T-shirts are made of 100% cotton of the highest quality. Classical fit, round neck and multiple colors.

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When the rain start pouring…

..and you are staying outside? If you get wet and cold, you can get affected in many ways. The concentration, safety and efficiency at work may drop.
Make sure you have the rainwear that cover your needs. We have several types!

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A summer favorite...

We have several models that are well suited for both work and leisure! The shorts are made of durable material, have practical pockets and a good fit.

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Do not forget first aid this summer...

When a accident happens, no matter the time and place, it's always handy to have first aid equipment on hand.

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Professional work trousers

Are you going to fix something at home or maybe at the cabin this summer? Wenaas Professional work trousers are made of durable material, have practical pockets for all tools and are available in several colors and variants!


safety glasses with grey lenses protect you from the sun

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4-point system on the chin strap provides good comfort and fits well. Cool design without cap which does not block the field of view upwards. 6 height adjustments provide many options for finding the best fit.

Soft and durable socks!

Socks that match the Hivis Extreme garments! These socks reach you to the middle of the leg. Very soft and durable. Available in many beautiful colors.
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MSA helmets and with cooling pads

MSA offers two innovative cooling pads for MSA helmets. Evaporative cooling with HyperKewl ™ PLUS reduces heat stress effects and increases the safety and productivity of workers. Can lower the temperature under the helmet by up to 12°C. These pads can be used up to 100 times. They work by the fabric absorbing and releasing water into the multilayer material.

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Maybe bump cap is good enough?

Centurion Airpro SP is made of textile, ABS plastic and polyester - DuPont Teflon. This bump cap combines good ventilation, provides great flexibility and protect against minor shocks and scratches in the head. It also has screw gear that make it fit well on the head.

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caps can be the solution on a warm summerday

Protect your head from the sun's rays and provide enough shade for your eyes and face to get your work done.

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When the days are long and the sun is shining, it can get hot with a helmet without ventilation on your head. We have several helmets with ventilation. If a non ventilated helmet is not required at your workplace, a ventilated helmet can be a great help.

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shoes and low boots

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Respiratory protective equipment ANd corona

Wenaas sells breathing protection that is designed, certified and approved for industrial use. Respiratory protection for sterile health care environments is designed to protect the user and the surrounding environment, including patients, from potential infections generated by users. Read more....

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