Wenaas delivers work clothes for men and women, as well as personal protective equipment for sectors with extremely high safety requirements. Our products are designed to provide protection against everything from water to heat, from noise to falls, from freezing to flames – from head to toe.

llustrasjonsfot av uniform med sertifiseringsmerke llustrasjonsfot av uniform med sertifiseringsmerke

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SPAR's work uniform will be Fairtrade certified

We are so happy to say that together with SPAR, we, as the supplier of their work uniforms, have become the first to produce uniforms in Norway that are Fairtrade certified. Together with SPAR and Fairtrade, we ensure that the uniforms are more sustainably produced, while the garments are of the same good quality. They must withstand hard use and many washes.

Through this process we have become Fairtrade certified, which we are very proud of.

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Wenaas - Enter the Dojo

Wenaas Workwear is launching new collections of work gloves and safety shoes! Here is the launch movie – β€œEnter the Dojo”. 🧀πŸ₯Ύ

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Berserk - new safety shoe collection

We are launching a new collection of safety shoes that have been given the catchy collection name "Berserk". The collection spans both boots, ankle boots and low shoes for tough working conditions.

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VERNER - safety shoes!

We are now launching Verner shoe models - a lighter safety shoe series with a tough design that is excellent for industries where slip resistance is important.​​​​​​​

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Work gloves from Wenaas

We are launching our own quality collection of work gloves!
A wide range with several models and areas of use divided into different categories.

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Bodyshell - flame retardant underwear without wool! New, comfortable and certified underwear. The unique combination of modacrylic, cotton and antistat mix provides both good protection and very comfortable garments that feel cool against the skin. In addition, this flame retardant underwear collection is perfect for you that is allergic to wool.
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Be proactive - if employees need to be evacuated form work offshore - be prepared

If your employees are evacuated from their offshore workspace take care of your employees.

Wenaas has a cooperation with Response Consultants. and offer  a service that meet the humanitarian needs of evacuees from offshore installations.  The kit bags containing essential clothing and hygiene products are available on stand-by to all companies concerned for the welfare of their employees.


New! EveryWear

Our new, versatile workwear collection EveryWear consists of a number of wonderful garments that have been developed to be the intersection between clothing for work, leisure and sports.

With garments from this series, you will be able to wear the same clothes at work and a number of other areas - even on a mountain hike!
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Does these garments look interesting for your company?
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Easier  E-commerce with Wenaas management system

Order workwear and protection equipment online – quickly and easilyWe want to make things simple, efficient and reasonable for our customers, which is why we are focusing on solid IT solutions for buying our products online. The Wenaas Management System (WMS) is an e-commerce solution that features a 100% digital process from order to invoicing.



International distribution

o - Wenaas storage/ logistics department / salesoffice
o - Wenaas country of production
- Easy accessibility
- Delivery security
- Flexibility
- High level of service

Innovation and knowledge  |  About Wenaas

Development of protective equipment demands broad insight and skills

Our product developers work closely with users and are represented in a number of HSE committees, user groups and reference teams.

EveryWear - For both work and leisure

Here you do not have to change clothes after work to do daily errands and chores. The EveryWear garments are so versatile that they can be worn throughout the day. Whether you pick the children up at school, a trip to the store or to training.

You got this!

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The EveryWear collection is made of 4-way stretch with a focus on the best possible mobility and durability. If you combine it with the practical solutions, the sporty design and the possibilities for ventilation, you get a versatile and modern workwear.
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Does these garments look interesting for your company?
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Respiratory protective equipment and corona

Wenaas sells breathing protection that is designed, certified and approved for industrial use. Respiratory protection for sterile health care environments is designed to protect the user and the surrounding environment, including patients, from potential infections generated by users. Read more....

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