Chilly in the morning?🍂

Autumn is here! A fleece jacket is always good to have.
​​​​​​​We have several models and colors!

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The medium-thick garments in the Hivis Extreme series are well suited for the season we are now in. Fleece, collage, stretch quality - you decide.
​​​​​​​Use them as outerwear or under other garments when it gets even colder. Take a look at the range and find your favorite.

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New, warm garments from Devold -
​​​​​​​for ladies and men!

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Dress according to the 3-layer system

Winter can be challenging for you who work a lot outside. Cold climates and demanding work tasks place demands on the workwear to protect - from the inside to the outside. Dress according to the 3-layer system so the body temperature can be easily regulated by taking off or wearing clothes in relation to your body temperature and outdoor climate.

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SPACER Mid layer - new technology

Spacer mid layer – highest possible insulation with lowest possible weight. With the Spacer technology, it has been possible to create an intermediate cladding where the unique properties of wool are preserved - at the same time as increased insulation has been added.

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Have to stay outside in the rain?

Remember that if you get wet and cold, many factors are affected. You can become unconcentrated, and both the safety and efficiency of your work can drop. Make sure you have the rainwear that fits your tasks. We have several types!

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MSa V-Gard 930

Safety helmet from V-Gard with silver-colored reflector on the sides for extra visibility, 6-point FasTrac® III screw interior and integrated goggles with rubber seal. Comes in several colors.


Respiratory protective equipment ANd corona

Wenaas sells breathing protection that is designed, certified and approved for industrial use. Respiratory protection for sterile health care environments is designed to protect the user and the surrounding environment, including patients, from potential infections generated by users. Read more....

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