Litium Safety shoes

The safety is put to a higher level to make the shoe withstand very high temperatures and spatters of molten metal from casting and welding – in addition to high electrical voltages up to 18,000 volts. Lithium footwear is also perfect in wet and cold working environments.​​​​​​​

For work in the molten metal industry and other high-voltage environments

Both safety and comfort were emphasized when we developed Lithium footwear. The comfort is taken care of – amongst other by the light weight of the shoe (only 914 grams).

The comfort is taken care of

The footwear is a good choice for other professions than workers in the molten metal industry, for example railroad workers or those who work in other high-voltage environments. A full-cover cap and well-thought-out seam solutions are designed to prevent molten metal, concrete blends, spills, mud and oil sticking to the shoes. This also provides easier cleaning, and the footwear can easily be flushed clean without the zippers and laces taking damage.

safety shoes with w-tex safety shoes with w-tex

Lithium is our newly developed footwear for extreme working conditions, as a response to increased safety requirements for the smelting industry and the new and more stringent certification standard for footwear - under EN ISO 20349.

Litium comfort

  • Light weight, 914 grams
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Soft ankle protection
  • Front laces
  • Very good anti-slip properties, both in wet and cold environments
  • Full-grain leather that protects against the cold and wet
  • Heel loop making the shoe easier to put on and off

Litium safety

  • Soft and light lace cover, as well as built-in metatarsal protection
  • Light and strong aluminum toe cap with reinforced leather cover
  • Rubber sole that can withstand 300 degrees, antistatic and oil resistant
  • Electrical insulation up to 18,000 volt
  • Flexible puncture resistant sole
  • Seams with heat-resistant thread

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Both safety and comfort were emphasized when we developed Litium footwear.


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