Safety goggles and eye protection

Eye protection and safety goggles of different types are therefore a necessity for many professional groups.​​​​​​​

Eye injuries are one of the most common occupational injuries that can have significant consequences, both when it comes to work ability and quality of life. Therefore, various types of eye protection and safety glasses are a necessity for many professional groups.

Eye protection and safety goggles of different types are therefore a necessity for many professional groups.

Eye protection for various types of injuries

Eye injuries can be divided into four groups based on the cause of the injury:

Mechanical injury:

Objects and particles that enter the eye and could damage the cornea, iris or lens.

Chemical injury:

Chemical sprays or droplets that enter the eye. The damage is exacerbated by rubbing or touching.

Thermal injury:

Molten metal splashes that could damage the lens.

Radiation injury:

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, infrared (IR) radiation, laser radiation and visible light radiation that could damage the cornea or lens.

Eye protection and safety goggles adapted to the usage area

Eye protection is available with different levels of protection, whether that be against objects, particles, chemicals, molten metal, arc flashes or radiation. We offer eye protection in the form of goggles and various types of visors by the market’s leading manufacturers.

Safety glasses with gray lenses act as sunglasses

See sortiment with grey lens >>

We offer an extensive range of eye protection, featuring safety glasses from leading suppliers including 3M, Bolle, Uvex, MSA, and more. What are your specific needs for eye protection? Are you looking for standard safety glasses, or do you require additional features such as a visor? Our collection includes a wide variety of models, colors, and types. Some options are designed with a sporty aesthetic, making them ideal for activities like training, hunting, and fishing.The lenses of our safety glasses are also a critical consideration. What type of work environment will you be in? Whether it's bright and outdoor or dark and indoor, we have suitable options to meet your needs. With such a diverse selection, you'll find just the right safety glasses for your requirements.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Materials and Research on Safety Glasses

The development of safety glasses has accelerated in recent years, led by groundbreaking research. What is the most important aspect of safety glasses? Naturally, it is to protect the user, but there are several other factors to consider. What material should be used in the safety glasses? What kind of fit should they have? How ergonomic should the safety glasses be? And last but not least: What should the safety glasses look like?

Different Types of Safety Glasses

There are several types of safety glasses available.
These include:
Safety Glasses: The most traditional type.
Goggle Glasses: These have a strap around the head and a completely sealed fit around the glass. This is another type of safety glasses.
Welding Glasses: Safety glasses designed to protect against hazards associated with welding, such as sparks, particles, and radiation.
These types of safety glasses also come in various models.
Face Shields: This type provides protection for the entire face, in addition to the eyes.
Welding Masks: A mask/helmet that offers excellent protection against welding hazards.

If welding glasses are insufficient, a welding mask is a very good choice.Of course, there are other types of safety glasses, but these are the most common.

How to Choose the Right Eye Protection / Safety Glasses?

There can be significant differences in the optics of safety glasses lenses.
Do the glasses have scratch-resistant features?
Are there anti-fog properties? It varies greatly.
Do you need safety glasses that are compatible with other personal protective equipment?

Here are more examples of various features in safety glasses:
Are there safety glasses designed to minimize noise leakage in conjunction with hearing protection?
Are there safety glasses with lenses that are water and dirt repellent?
Are there safety glasses that automatically adjust to the wearer's face?

As you can see, there are countless options and models of safety glasses to choose from.

Check out Uvex Polavision glasses!

Safety glasses in a sporty design with polarized 14% gray lenses, which protect and eliminate reflections and glare. These glasses eliminate harsh light and sun, as well as reflections. Therefore, they are well-suited for environments with water surfaces or those that are glossy and polished, such as maritime, fishing, construction, and similar settings.

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