Workwear - Women

From traditional male-dominated professions to niche occupations, the increase in demand for functional workwear tailored for women has driven innovation and resulted in a wide selection that meets the safety requirements and preferences of women.

Workwear tailored for women in various industries

Whether you are a professional craftsman, work in the electronics industry, an oil rig worker, retail employee, or driver, we have what you need to feel comfortable and safe at work.

​​​​​​​Our selection includes everything from durable work pants and jackets to comfortable T-shirts and necessary protective gear. Whether you need protection from the elements, extra pockets for your tools, or just want to look good while working hard, we have the right clothes for you. We also offer a wide range of sizes to ensure everyone can find workwear that fits perfectly.

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Workwear Adapted for Women: New Standards for Comfort and Fit In recent years, workwear designed specifically for women has undergone significant improvements to satisfy the demands of modern work life.

Traditional unisex models often forced women to choose larger sizes to accommodate the bust, hips, and buttocks, resulting in oversized and baggy clothes.

Our specialized women's garments address these challenges with design features such as:

  • Increased width across the bust
  • Tapered waist
  • More garment width across the hips
  • Narrower waist
  • Precisely adjusted sleeve, leg, and shoulder lengths for an optimal fit

By incorporating these adjustments, our workwear for women not only ensures a better fit but also improved comfort while working. Special attention is paid to areas like the bust, where extra fabric and stretch are used to ensure the garment fits well and feels comfortable.

We have created a Curved line for women's clothing that sutes female forms without compromising functionality, safety, or comfort.

Arbeidsklær for damer Arbeidsklær for damer
Multinorm arbeidsklær for damer Multinorm arbeidsklær for damer


The Multinorm Allrounder collection represents the finest in flame retardant workwear, designed to meet the strictest safety and functionality requirements. This workwear is ideal for environments where exposure to heat, flames, and electric arcs poses a risk.

For this collection, we have developed garments for women that not only meet high safety standards, but are also tailored to female forms with customized designs. This ensures that all workers, regardless of gender, can benefit from optimal protection without compromising on fit and comfort.

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High visibilty

Safety is at the core of everything we do, and our workwear for women includes the same extensive safety features as our unisex models.

With Wenaas' hi-visibility wear designed specifically for women, you are guaranteed to be safe and feel comfortable.

Uniformer for damer Uniformer for damer


We have women's craft clothing that has been carefully thought out to meet the diverse needs of women in craft professions.

Our garments feature special stretch panels placed where they best serve movement and comfort, while also taking female forms into account. Whether it involves pants, jackets, or tops, our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and supported throughout your workday.

Arbeidsklær for damer Arbeidsklær for damer
Arbeidsklær for damer Arbeidsklær for damer

The Innermost Layers

For under- and mid-layer clothing, it's essential that the garment fits perfectly, keeps you warm, and effectively transports moisture away from the skin.

We present a selection from Devold, specifically designed for women, that combines elasticity and warmth for optimal comfort. With wide straps and a construction free of chafing seams or tight bands, we guarantee a comfortable wearing experience without irritation.G

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Safety Shoes and Gloves

We understand the importance of the right fit for both safety and comfort at work. Therefore, we offer safety shoes and gloves in smaller sizes, designed to fit women's feet and hands.

Our safety shoes are available from size 36, carefully crafted to provide optimal protection and support while ensuring comfort throughout long workdays.
An our gloves, available in sizes 6-7, ensure full freedom of movement and precision, essential for detailed and accurate work.

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Arbeidskhansker og arbeidsko for damer Arbeidskhansker og arbeidsko for damer
Arbeidsklær for damer Arbeidsklær for damer


Our women's uniforms are crafted with a perfect balance of function, comfort, and style, paying attention to details and understanding the needs of women in the workforce.

Our clothing is designed to support and highlight the modern, professional woman, whether she's in the office, at the reception, working in retail, or part of an airline. Our goal is to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable throughout your workday.

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Work- and leisure wear

​​​​​​​In many professions, the need for workwear that combines comfort with a professional appearance is essential. Our range of women's corporate wear is specially designed with a focus on comfort, functionality, safety, and style.

Good corporate wear makes the wearer feel confident and comfortable while also enhancing the company's image.

Our assortment ranges from elegant shirts and blouses to practical trousers and jackets. Each garment is carefully tailored to meet the unique requirements of modern workplaces and is adjusted to flatter the female shape.

Arbeidskhansker for damer Arbeidskhansker for damer

Working, Even With a Mommy Belly

Understanding that workwear must accommodate all stages of life, including pregnancy, is essential. That's why we include maternity pants in our range

These pants are specially designed to combine comfort with functionality, featuring a soft and stretchy fabric around the waist and belly area to provide optimal support and adaptation throughout the pregnancy. With our maternity pants, you can continue to work comfortably, regardless of the stage of pregnancy.

Arbeidsklær for damer Arbeidsklær for damer

Even The Toughest Among Us Need Protection

For over 80 years, we have supplied tough women and men with workwear that lives up to their demands.

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