Size chart and size guides

All stated measures are body measurements. Measure as indicated on the figure and find your size. Garment sizes may vary by model due to different movement ranges. We accept no liability for discrepancies on individual models.​​​​​​​

How to measure correct and find correct size of your work wear

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Sizeguide - Wenaas footwear

Put a piece of paper on the floor, from the wall and outwards

Place one of your feet on the piece of paper with the heel against the wall and mark the longest part of your foot on the paper.

Do the same with the other foot, if they differ, use the longest measurement.

By using a ruler, measure the lenght from the edge of the piece of paper to the line.

The length of the foot + extra length = length in mm as referenced in the table. I.e if the foot is 282 mm long + 10 mm, you should order a size 45.

Lengthen your trousers by 5 cm

Do you have long legs and struggle to get workwear trousers long enough?
We have the solution - our trouser models come with an extra piece of fabric at the bottom of each leg, which you can make available by cutting the blue seam - and voila, your trousers are 5 cm longer!

Two levels for attaching knee pads

On our work trousers and coveralls, we have ensured that the knee pad you will use has two height options for attachment. This means that you can put the knee pads in the place that suits you and your knees.