The sole - an important part of good footwear

Have you thought about what the sole actually means for your working day and comfort? The sole has several tasks inside the footwear. The insole must provide the right support for the foot, good shock absorption, contribute to a good climate and the right temperature in the footwear, transport away moisture and not least help to give the foot a comfortable footbed.
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Eco-friendly Work Comfort EVO insole

In addition to all the properties and functions of the sole, we have also thought about the environment. Our Work Comfort EVO insole, which is found in all Wenaas safety shoes and boots, is one of the market's most environmentally friendly insoles. The sole is made of recyclable material. In addition, the enamel is made from recyclable cardboard. The cardboard packaging can be recycled when it is thrown away.

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Recycled pet

The insole is produced from PET - which is a polyester material developed from recycled empty bottles and other polyester waste.

Work Comfort EVO insole Work Comfort EVO insole

Work Comfort EVO insole

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Absorberende og luftig

The indoor climate of the shoe is well maintained by the air circulating. The insole has very good absorbent and breathable properties that make you feel that your feet stay dry and fresh.

Dries quickly

After the end of the working day, the sole dries quickly. The sole also has antibacterial properties that neutralize bacteria and remove odours.


The sole is very light and does not contribute to any significant increase in weight of the safety shoe.

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ESD (Anti-static insole)

The Work Comfort EVO insole is antistatic. Static electricity occurs when non-conductive materials such as a shoe sole and floor come into contact with each other. The static electricity can stay in the body, and you can experience electric shocks. Soles with antistatic properties help to reduce the voltage that occurs.

Hvordan bidrar sålen med til å forindre trøtte og slitne føtter?

A. The sole is stabilized in the longitudinal arch so that it provides good support for the foot.

B. Extra thickness for the ball of the toe means that your feet don't get tired as quickly.

C. Correct drop: It is not only important to have the correct drop in the your everyday sneakers, but also in your safety shoes, which you wear on average approx. 8 hours every day. Drop is the difference in the sole of the shoe from the forefoot to the heel and it is important for e.g. to give the body the right angle and balance, in addition to the best possible gait in relation to your working day. Work Comfort EVO has a drop adapted for use in safety shoes that are worn for many hours every day.

The elements of the insole and what it affects - illustration.

Shock absorbing

Work Comfort EVO has shock absorption properties that prevent tired feet and ensure comfort.

In the same way that we wash our work clothes, our soles should be replaced. It is recommended to change the soles used in safety shoes every 6 months in order for them to maintain their properties.


Memory foam

The foam soles have a memory system to ensure a longer lifetime of the sole and a good footbed for the feet. The system ensures that it remembers the shape of your foot while recovering after use. This is why it feels like soft, nice and adapted soles day after day.


Work Comfort EVO has been developed in collaboration with Arneplant, S.L. in Spain, which is one of the market leaders in breathable insoles made from recycled material. Our partner is approved by Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. and is certified according to GRS4 - Global Recycled Standard 4.0.

Wenaas recommends:
By changing the soles after 6 months of use, the comfort will increase as well as being hygienic. Replacing the sole will therefore give the shoe a longer lifespan because it is perceived as "new" and is therefore a very good contributor to sustainable use.

Increase the lifespan of your work or safety shoes

By changing the soles after 6 months of use, the comfort will increase as well as being hygienic. Replacing the sole will therefore give the shoe a longer life, because it is perceived as "new" and is therefore a very good contribution to sustainable use.

See the movie to the right.

Shock absorbing insole

Our work and safety footwear manager, Glenn Bingen, explains why it can be a good idea to replace the original shock-absorbing sole in the shoe with an even better shock-absorbing sole in a shoe you use in your job.

See the movie to the left.

Other Wenaas insoles

Workpro - the sole series with adapted arch support

Our WorkPro soles are a range of soles that come in different arch heights. We offer low, medium and high arch soles. The idea behind it is that no one has the same feet. In order for people with feet to feel good for a whole working day, it is wise to give the foot the support it needs to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and strain injuries.

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