EN 1149-3
​​​​​​​- Protection against static electricity (ESD)

Standard designed primarily for work clothes and pictograms.

Standard for workwear with protective properties against electrostatic discharge for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion.
E.g. in refineries.


  • The clothes must fully cover all fabric that does not provide anti-static protection.
  • Accessories, such as labels and reflective tags, must be permanently attached to the garment, so that they cannot be removed from the garment. Floating parts are not allowed.
  • Accessories that can carry electricity, for instance zips and metal buttons, are only allowed if they are fully covered by an anti-static outer textile.


The outer textile must be tested and approved in accordance with the following standards:
EN 1149-1 or EN 1149-3. The distance between the threads that can carry electricity must not exceed 10 mm.

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Last update: March 2024