EN 12477 - Protective gloves for welders

Classified in two categories, A and B, and is a combination of EN 388 and EN 407.

Abrasion resistance21
Contact heat11
Penetrating heat2-
Metal spatter32

Type B gloves are recommended when a good fit is required, while type A gloves are recommended for other welding processes. Gloves must be labelled either A or B.

EN 12477:2001 describes how gloves should be designed to provide hand and wrist protection for welders and similar professions.

Welding gloves must be tested in accordance to EN 388: 2016. They must also be tested in accordance to EN 407, flammability, contact heat, penetrating heat,
radiant heat and welding spatter.

Type A, higher level of protection against heat, but reduced mobility. Recommended for all types of welding where a high level of protection is required (except TIG welding).

Type B lower level of protection against heat, more mobility or lower physical protection (recommended for TIG welding).

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Last update: March 2024