EN 342:2017 Protective clothing - Outfits and garments for protection against cold​​​​​​​


The standard specifies requirements and test methods to establish the insulating ability of garments or outfits to protect the user from cold environments corresponding to or lower than -5°. The standard also specifies the lowest temperature at which cooling of the body is limited to an acceptable level for 1 hour, while the user is involved in light to medium activity.
​​​​​​​In order to achieve the specified level of protection, either full-coverage or two-piece garments/outfits must be used. The CE label on garments will indicate which combination of protective clothing should be used. The insulation value is given in Icler m²-K/W, with the formula:

It is not just the insulation value that defines how well the user is protected. It is also tested how effectively the garment protects against water and air flow. Wind tightness is listed in three classes (1-3 where 1 is the best), and on the garment this value will often be listed as AP (Air permeability) 1, 2 or 3:

AP mm/sClass
AP > 1001
S < AP ≤ 1002
AP ≤ 53

If the garment is also waterproof (optional for this standard and not a requirement), values and information for waterproofness will be listed under WP - Water penetration. In some cases, the garment will only be marked with a cross under values for WP, and this indicates that the garment has not been tested for this. Some info about WP:

utdrag fra normen utdrag fra normen

On the pictogram/marking on the garment, all these values ​​will be listed like this:

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Last update April 2024.