Dear Customers,

Wenaas Workwear AS, as the market-leading supplier of work clothes, uniforms and protective equipment, is now working intensively to ensure stable and secure deliveries. We have implemented strict restrictions for employees, our sites and for our central warehouse in Måndalen. We have already had a total non-visitor policy for an extended period to ensure optimal operation and deliveries to our entire customer portfolio. Only personnel who works in the warehouse / production have access to our location. For safety reasons we have also introduced; no physical contact, increased cleaning and common areas such as canteen and common rooms are also closed.

All employees in administrative positions will now work from home office and are available on mail, telephone or other digital channels. Our level of service should therefore be unchanged.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will introduce further restrictions if a need should arise. Wenaas Workwear is still deliverable on most stocked items and we will do our utmost to continue to deliver.

This virus is extremely contagious, so we can't touch each other - but we encourage everyone to take care of each other!

Updated: 13th March 2020

week 10:

Information about status regarding the Corona virus

Dear customer,

As many other companies and suppliers Wenaas Workwear AS is depended of international production and shipping. China is strongly affected by the outbreak of the corona virus, which unfortunately makes production and deliveries challenging.  Chinese authorities have imposed travel restrictions to curb the spread of the virus, which has left entire cities isolated and production workers returning to their families to celebrate Chinese New Year are not allowed to return to the factories. The transport of raw materials to and ready-made garments from the factories is also affected by the restrictions.

As the corona virus spreads to several countries, this could have consequences for production facilities, supply chains and transport in and to / from the countries concerned. Wenaas Workwear is still able to deliver, and we will do our utmost to continue to be that.If the restrictions persist for a long period of time, we will, as other suppliers too, face challenges with deliveries and continue to have products in stock. This can lead to longer delivery time of individual products and/or sizes - even when we are back to normal.

Wenaas Workwear´s opinion is that force majeure is applicable and can be invoked in the event of delays in deliveries/storage due to the corona virus.

Wenaas is monitoring the situation closely and we are doing our outmost to deliver goods as planned to all our customers. Contact your sales representative if you have any further questions about our delivery situation.  

On behalf of  Wenaas Workwear AS

Katrine W. Deunk