Personal fall protection and size guide

Fall protection equipment must be used in work situations where there is a risk of falling, or where other measures such as modified processes or collective measures such as a guardrail has been considered first. The purpose of fall protection equipment is to prevent you from falling or to catch you if you should fall.

This is the equipment you’ll need

A personal fall protection system is made up of three components, easily remembered by utilizing the alphabets three first letters (ABC), namely: «Anchorage», «Body wear» and «Connector».


12 kN static tensile test (EN 795: 2012). Used to attach the connector to the anchorage. Permanent: E.g. horizontal wire and rail system (EN 795 type A). Temporary: E.g. slings and detachable hooks (EN 795 type B).

«Body wear»

Holds the user in a safe position after a fall. Reduce impact force (<6 kN) to an acceptable load on the body. Only full-body harness to be used for fall protection/fall arrest. (Strap across shoulder, legs + anchorage in chest and/or back).


Used as an intermediate connector between anchorage and body wear. Active protection: Fall prevention, supporting line and positioning line. Passive protection: Arresting falls + reducing strain on user in case of a fall.

Size guide

This size table will make sure you’ll find the perfect fit and that the equipment will sit in the right places. Are you unsure how to read the table? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be at your service.

The size table includes waist and thigh measurements to precisely match the size you need.


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