Safety helmets

We offer well-fitting, light and comfortable safety helmets from the market’s leading manufacturers, for optimum comfort and safety. ​​​​​​​

Safety requires collaboration

Most safety helmets can also easily be adapted to our visors and hearing protection and delivered with a wide range of additional equipment and spare parts.

Safety helmets can be divided into four categories based on the type of risk they protect against:

  • Mechanical risk: Falling objects and crushing hazards.
  • Electrical risk: Contact with electrical wiring and installations.
  • Molten metal risk: Contact with hot or molten metal.
  • Explosion risk: Working environment with a potential explosion risk.

Industrial safety helmet (EN 397):

Protects the user’s head against falling objects that could cause head injuries. Consists of a helmet shell and an interior and can have either a short or a wide brim depending on the type of work to be performed by the user. The helmets are tested against falling objects and penetration in accordance with the standard. They can also be tested against additional risk types (see helmet labelling).

Light industrial safety helmet (EN812):

Consists of a cap/hood with protective inserts and protects the user’s head from light impact. May only be used in working environments where there is no risk of falling objects.

Manufacture date

The helmet’s manufacture date, month and year, can be found on the underside of the helmet’s brim.

Useful life

The useful life of a helmet varies depending on the level of external impact, such as bumps, strikes and sunlight, it has been exposed to.

Guidelines for head protection:

  • ABS and Nylon: 3 years’ storage + 5 years.
  • MSA: HDPE 2 years’ storage + 4 years.
  • 3M: 3M Uvicator has a red indicator showing the amount of UV radiation permissible. Once the colour has faded, the helmet must be replaced.


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