Product Development and Certifictions

Product Development and Certifications

W stands for Safety and Quality

The Wenaas W has a special meaning for our users of work clothes and protective equipment. They feel looked after at work wearing our products. Many consider the W in Wenaas to be the very symbol of quality and safety.
The W means that the work clothes are well suited for the tasks to be carried out. It is also a guarantee that the product is certified according to the latest standards EN standards. ​​​​​​​
With W on your chest, you can safely focus on work, knowing that your employer has chosen
the best work clothing.


All our workwear and uniforms are characterised by a high-quality, nice and functional design. Behind every stitch, choice and detail there is careful work and extensive knowledge.

When you buy a garment from Wenaas, you can be certain that quality is paramount during all the production processes from design to our finished product. The functionality and durability of the garments help define the quality. Good products with a long life and durability mean lower consumption of raw materials, less shipping and less waste. We use environmentally friendly qualities such as viscose, rayon, wool, recycled polyester and organic cotton in our garments production, as well as Blue Sign dyeing. We ensure that our entire production of workwear and uniforms - from raw material to finished product - follows international requirements and standards.  

We are conscious about the quality terms that are important in the production of a uniforms and workwear. We emphasise the following:

  • Dyeing
  • Fibre/mixtures/bindings
  • Weight
  • Seams and technical solutions
  • Fit
  • Text reports that document the level of quality  
  • The right quality for the purpose of a uniform can also be reduced total costs, a positive environmental impact and improved customer and user experiences.


When it comes to uniforms you take an active part in forming our uniforms. As a leader in the Norwegian market, we are committed to develop and produce the best uniforms in the market. Our goal is to provide the most comfortable and functional work clothes in the market.

Special designs
We can design own and unique collections for you and your company. We are experienced in developing and designing uniforms. Our colleagues have an educational background in textile dyeing and have a lot of relevant experience. Wenaas also uses the services of several international designers. This provides us with flexibility and the opportunity to use designers with prior experience from different sectors. The development of new products follow a standardised process – independently of whether we want to develop a new product or we aim at renewing an existing item. We combine new technology with a dynamic design and style in both the design and production phases.

Skilled product developers and designers

In every aspect of our business, from concept to finished product, we have dedicated individuals filled to the brim with knowledge and an extraordinary ability to capture even the smallest details. This is especially true for our dynamic design team who act as a central pillar in our success story. Each member of our design team is carefully selected for their rich understanding of design principles and their creative thinking. They bring with them an impressive portfolio of education in the relevant field and a career within the industry. This experience has not only shaped their skills, but also given them an in-depth insight into how to create visually appealing and functionally ground-breaking designs.

Collectively, our design team represents not only the expertise and diversity necessary to deliver remarkable design solutions, but also a passion for reaching for the sublime in every sketch, prototype and final product. With this collective strength, we continue to shape an aesthetically pleasing and functional, forward-looking workwear or uniform, as well as gloves and shoes.

Our product designers work according to these principles

  • Innovation – What is new on incremental and breakthrough innovations?
  • Visibility – Can we see how the product can be used?
  • Consistency – How to create a recognizable design?
  • Recognizability – What sets us apart from our competitors?
  • Feedback – How can we improve the products further?
  • Relevance – How can we retain and strengthen our importance in the market?
  • Development Impact – How can we reduce negative effects in production?​​​​​​​
  • Constraints – What can we do within given limits?
  • Sector Specifics – How to optimize the product for the working environment?
  • User Impact – How to limit impacts on the consumer?
  • Functionality – How the product works together with the consumer?
  • Longevity – How to increase product life?
  • Circularity – How can we contribute to close the loop?

Cooperation with the customer

In our continuous commitment to create products that go beyond expectations, we put your satisfaction and comfort at the center of our production process. We believe in a close interaction between our expert team and you as a customer, as a critical factor in shaping and developing the optimal garments. This approach is more than just words for us - it is at the heart of our philosophy of collaboration for developing high standard uniforms and workwear.

We understand that your employees have requirements and preferences when it comes to the clothes they wear every day. Their in-depth perspective on what works best for them is invaluable. We therefore attach great importance to establishing a close dialogue throughout the process. Feedback and insight are not only desired, but essential to ensure that, among other things, our developed uniforms not only to meet, but exceed expectations.

It is a reality that you are the one who knows the company's needs best. Therefore, we see our collaboration as a win-win situation where your expertise as a user of work clothes and uniforms merges with our experience and expertise in design and production. This symbiotic relationship is the key to achieving a result that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Through every phase of the process, from concept development to final finishing, your preferences and feedback become guides that help us fine-tune and adapt the garments to perfection. This collaboration is not just a one-way dialoguet, but a two-way exchange of ideas and visions that bring the garments to life in a way that reflects your company profile and style.

In short, the cooperation between you and us is the heart of our business. It is this combination of knowledge, experience and passion that drives us to deliver uniforms that not only meet your needs, but also transform them into an experience of comfort, pride and unparalleled quality.

Product Certifications

Fairtrade Norway

Member since 2022.
Product certification for Fairtrade (uniforms for SPAR).
Fairtrade is a tool for companies that want to reduce the risk of human rights violations in their own value chain.

Overall description of the certificate:

  • Fairtrade is a well-known recognized certification for fair trade. Fairtrade means increased fair trading conditions and greater opportunities for cotton producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future.
  • Fairtrade contributes to sustainable development for certified cotton farmers through fairer trading conditions which in turn contributes to social change and protection of the environment possible.
  • Fairtrade does not require organic certification; however organic production is rewarded by higher Fairtrade Minimum Prices for organically grown products.
  • The minimum percentage of Fairtrade cotton in a product must be at least 50% of the total finished fabric.
  • FAIRTRADE Cotton Mark means that a product's cotton composition is 100% Fairtrade certified and physically traceable from farmer to product.
Read more about Fairtrade Norge >> Read more about Fairtrade >> Certificate >>


Product certification for Wenaas Leather Gloves since 2023.
​​​​​​​This is an internationally standardised testing and certification system for leather and leather goods at all production levels, including accessory materials.

Overall description of the certificate

  • OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD serves as a legal verification of successful product certification in all business processes in accordance with the LEATHER STANDARD.
  • The certificate enables everyone to make responsible decisions and implement high human-ecological product safety. All components are approved by a third party for harmful substances and assures that the leather product therefore is harmless for human health.
  • There are four product classes categorized according to their intended utilization (class 1, 2, 3 and 4). Wenaas is certified for product class II (products with direct contact to skin).
  • OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD ensures that textiles- and leather products have been tested against a long list of numerous regulated and non-regulated substances.
  • Every single component is subject to a lab test consisting of nearly 100 parameters. The test also includes threads, zippers, linings, prints, and coatings.
  • To verify and check an OEKO-TEX® label is official – scan QR code or check online here.
Read more about OEKO-TEX Leather standard >> Certificate >>

See the certification by scanning the QR.

Tecasafe ® Ecogreen

Fabric certification (survival suits) since 2021.
Product certification for inherently heat- and flame-resistant fabrics that offer excellent protection.

Overall description of the certificate:

  • Ecogreen and Tecapro® Ecogreen, the world's first sustainable flame-retardant finished fabrics.TenCate Protective Fabrics has developed three new and innovative workwear-materials: Tecawork® Ecogreen, Tecasafe®
  • Tecasafe® Ecogreen was the first ever inherent FR multi-norm fabric to incorporate sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres.
  • Tecasafe® considers sustainability from all points of view–from the end users who need safe products to improving the environment by means of development, optimized sustainable production, use and recycling.
  • Tecasafe has developed an EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) including its manufacturing chain, water, energy, chemical substances, emissions, and waste.
  • An environmental product declaration (EPD®) gives users transparency in relation to how environmental concerns are made with regards to the production of fabrics for work clothes with protective characteristics.
  • Wennas uses the highest quality in our developments - the most comfortable workwear with the smallest environmental footprint with the ambitious goal of Tecasafe® Ecogreen.
Read more about TenCate >> Read more about TENCEL™ Lyocell

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