We know that the work clothes can
​​​​​​​be the difference between life and death

Multinorm work clothes

Work in heavy industry, power plants and fire and safety takes place under extreme conditions.

Certified according to all safety requirements and standards

All our flame-retardant clothing are certified in accordance with safety requirements and norms. We also carry out separate tests in order to be at the front edge of development. Experience, careful testing and adequate documentation has allowed us to set the standard for flame-retardant workwear.

We use different types of fabrics in our flame-retardant collections

The different fabrics consist of different components to cover different needs and comply with different regulations. It includes everything from flame-retardant properties, light arc protection, anti-static and welding properties to protection against molten iron and aluminium and much more.

Where can a arc flash occur?

An arc flash can be formed both high voltage and low voltage sites. The term is used in relation to the potential damage caused by a short circuit electric arcs. It is given in calories per square centimetres (cal/cm²). This type of energy is a result of the amount of energy, time and distance to the light arch. The scope of the damage therefore depends on how long you are exposed to the light arch and how close you are to it.

Correct protection
The right protection is therefore essential for everyone working in electrical plants and who carry out maintenance of equipment in plants that are not secured against arc flashs or who work with high voltage equipment.

Choose the right value ATPV

It is important to use protective equipment that is adapted to the potential voltage in a power plant or workplaces with a risk of arcing.
This is known as the ATPV value (Arc Thermal Performance Value). The clothing must therefore be labelled with the amount of calories per square centimetres it can withstand.

Lysbue Lysbue

Arc flash energy

Categorized by incident energy:

  • PPE 0 ≤ 1,2 cal/cm² (no requirement for arc flach resistant clothing)
  • PPE 1 ≤ 4 cal/cm²
  • PPE 2 ≤ 8 cal/cm²
  • PPE 3 ≤ 25 cal/cm²
  • PPE 4 ≤ 40 cal/cm²
  • PPE x > 40 cal/cm²  (extreme danger)

Clothing in relation to ATPV rating

The clothing must have an ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) rating equal to, or greater than, the applicable value for the arc flash energy at the workplace. Layer on layer arc flash tested clothing will produce a minimum ATPV rating equal to the sum of the ATPV ratings for each layer. The combination can produce a higher ATPV rating than the sum of the ratings of each layer.

Layered clothing provides the best protection against light archs

It provides a minimum ATPV value, which is equal to the sum of the ATPV value of each layer. However, the composition can give you an ATPV value that higher than the sum of each separate layer. The reason for this is that several layers increase the amount of air between you and the garments. By using many layers of clothing, you can isolate yourself better against the energy in the event of a light arch. However, only tests can give us an idea of how much added protection the air pockets provide.

Layer upon layer of protection: Gore-Tex Jacket Electric Arc 0-56850-19819, Devold Spacer Jacket 0-251-310,
Devold spirit long-sleeved t-shirt 0-1228-120 provides atpv value = 105,2 cal/m2.

What does wearing layered clothing entail?

1. Always use wool undergarments
Wool undergarments are flame-retardant and provide increased protection, as well as being moisture-wicking and keeping the body dry. If you use the wrong fabrics, you run the risk of the undergarments catching fire and melting on your skin.

2. A flame-retardant mid-layer of clothing provides heating insulation and increased protection.
Determine the thickness of the garment based on you work conditions and your work environment. An added layer also increases the amount of air between the garments and isolated better against possible light archs.

3. The outermost layer is the shell that provides you with the added protection.
The garment must be adapted to the potential incydent energy arc, the ATPV value, in the work place. The layered clothing principle provides increased flexibility. Determine and adapt the amount of garments based on the weather and wind conditions, and also how high the risk is in your particular work station.

New! Multistretch Allrounder

Optimum comfort and fit are important for people who move a lot throughout the day in order to have a better everyday working life.

Our new multistretch collection includes 4-way super stretch fabrics that we use in small panels on the garments and which lead to excellent moveability. Not only are the fabrics stretchy, they are also soft and have an excellent fit, which makes the item of clothing extremely comfortable to wear.

We have chosen to use segmented reflective tags to not impede the movement of the stretchy fabric.  Segmented reflectors also offer a contemporary look.

We have also developed our own women's collection, Curved. 4-way stretch garments are very well suited to the female shape. The women's clothing has the same functions as the male/unisex models.

How to test 4-way stretch?

The advantage of 4-way stretch in the fabric is that the garment extends in all directions so that it does not hinder your movements, but follows, for example, that you bend your knee or elbow.
1. Lay the fabric / product so that the weave in the fabric is vertical / horizontal
2. Check if the fabric extends horizontally
3. Check if the fabric extends in the vertical direction Remember: If you feel at an angle, all fabrics have stretch in the weave.

​​​​​​​2-way stretch has only stretch one way. The fabric has elastane or other stretch in the composition. Often this stretch then lies horizontally on the garment.4-way stretch has stretch both ways. The fabric has elastane or other stetch in the composition. The stretch may be better one of the roads. This is then usually horizontal on the garment.

New! Now in stock!

Multinorm climbing suit stretch
- harness adapted to boiler suit

Boiler suit that gives you unique flexibilty and protection

No pockets or seams hinder the function of the harness, provides good comfort. Access to all pockets when the harness is on. The boiler suit comes in a comfortable length, which makes it comfortable also when the harness is on.

The dress is made in full stretch garment with 4-way stretch panels where flexibility is very important for comfort and movability.

Developed together with professionals

Do you use a harness in your work and know how uncomfortable it can be in some situations when garments and harness come into conflict? Then you should really take a look at this suit. Unique properties mean that you can wear the harness in a kind of combination with the suit and still have the right degree of protection!

This suit has been developed together with the guys who deal with climbing harnesses at Aak Safety and the result means we can't get any better! Try it now!


Gore-Tex Electric Arc

When wind, humidity and cold are a challenge

Gore-Tex 3-way clothing concept increases the time of use outdoors when wind, humidity or coldness prove to be a challenge..

Sintef - a Norwegian testinstitute - tested garments and solutions during the development phase. In their work physiological laboratories the temperature was lowered to -25 degrees celsius in order to find the best solutions. These solutions were again tested by people who worked in an environment in which coldness/wind pose a challenge to their work.

The wearer can use the clothing in areas with complex exposure to danger without changing work clothes as the collection has achieved EN ISO approval at a very high level. The jacket has obtained an Arc rating of EBT50 of 49,1 cal/cm2.

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Rep-kit for repairing Gore-Tex garments

Got a hole or a tear in your Gore-Tex garment? You can do something about it! You do not need to buy a new garment because the Gore-Tex membrane is punctured. Buy a Repair kit for Gore-Tex, available in both visibility yellow and navy blue, and repair your garment at home. In this way, you extend the life of the garment and are more environmentally friendly. We have made an easy instructional video on how to do it.he repair kit for Gore-Tex is suitable for garments in the Pyrad Electric Arc and Arctic Protection series from Wenaas.

Other flame retardant series

Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas


Durable visibility garments with unique flame retardant properties.

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Hivis ectreme curved- synlighetsbekledning for damer Wenaas Hivis ectreme curved- synlighetsbekledning for damer Wenaas


This series is made from a super light material with unique flame protection. Experienced as soft and comfortable.​​​​​​​

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Comfortable and durable collection that is well suited for those who need protection against arc and flame, as well as being visible.

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Flame retardant midlayer and underwear

Optimal protection is achieved by using three flame retardant layers. The combination of flame retardant garments from the inside to the outside is decisive for the degree of protection.

Flame retardant without wool

Bodyshell - flame retardant comfortable underwear without wool. Unique combination of modacrylic, cotton and antistatic mix provides very good protection and feels cooling against the skin.
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Spacer intermediate layer - with three unik layers

Spacer intermediate clothing consists of a three-dimensional knitted material, with wool on the inside and outside. Spacer yarn maintains the distance between these layers. This gives more air in the garment that increase the insulation effect.

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Flame retardant rainwear

Some workplaces or tasks require both flame retardant protection and you need to be protected from rain or damp environments. Then you need flame retardant rainwear. Check out our range below.