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Wenaas delivers work clothes for men and women, as well as personal protective equipment for sectors with extremely high safety requirements.

The right workwear helps you get the job done

Our products are designed to provide protection against everything from water to heat, from noise to falls, from freezing to flames – from head to toe. We make sure that workers feel confident that their work clothes and protective equipment are shielding them from dangers at work, so that they can come home safe and sound at the end of the day.

Protective workwear

Wenaas is a pioneer in the development and production of workwear in Norway, based on the needs of workers. We have a long tradition of developing and producing clothes and equipment with truly special properties. In many cases, the same workwear must meet more – and different – safety requirements, while comfort remains an important supplementary factor for all the professional groups to whom we deliver workwear.

The right workwear protects the companys’s most important resource

Wenaas supplies everything in the field of work clothes and protective equipment, with or without customer-specific design and printing:

Safety shoes and boots
Work trousers and cover
Underclothes, intermediate and outer layers
GlovesAll kinds of personal protective equipment
Flame-retardant work clothes
Customised special designs

​​​​​​​Product development takes place in environments where work clothes and protective equipment have to be used

Our product developers work closely with end users and maintain no-compromise focus on personal protection and safety. Direct innovation combined with specialist sector competence has made our peerless “head to toe” range of workwear, the market leader in Norway. Wenaas participates in a number of development projects, including Arctic Protection, in order to identify new solutions that keep users warm and comfortable in their workwear – regardless of the weather conditions and temperature. New solutions and technologies are progressively transferred to our other lines of work clothes.

Certified protective equipment in compliance with standard.
In addition to satisfying users’ needs, many of our products also have to be certified as personal protective equipment. Wenaas employs dedicated staff who work with EN/ISO standards, and who maintain a close working relationship with accredited test and certification institutes. This setup ensures that everything we produce in the field of workwear and protective equipment is always certified and approved in accordance with the latest standards and regulations. In cases where our customers have performed a risk assessment, we make sure that the workwear and the products we supply are certified and provide the right protection in relation to the tasks that are to be carried out.

Safety and visibility – to be seen in work clothes

Wenaas hi-visibility workwear has been specially developed for users working in environments where visibility is crucial to safety. Wenaas was one of the first workwear makers to introduce fluorescent materials. All garments are naturally certified according to the latest EN standards.We have developed our new line of hi-visibility workwear in partnership with people who work in the building and construction sector. This approach, combined with our experience and skill, helped us succeed in developing our workwear with ergonomic solutions and material choices that make the work clothes hard-wearing and comfortable.The work clothes are Øko-Tex® labelled, which is your guarantee that no allergenic or carcinogenic colourants were used in the production of these work clothes. Cordura fabric (240 g/m2) in hard-wearing areas of our work clothes helps increase the lifetime of the garment. Selected models of our workwear feature elastic reflectors for increased comfort

Work clothes for high-risk professions

Ever since the boom in the Norwegian oil and gas sector, Wenaas has been making the day safer for workers on the Norwegian continental shelf. We are experts in workwear designed to provide protection in hazardous work situations, and have actually set the bar for flame-retardant workwear. This has made Wenaas the preferred supplier of work clothes to the industry.

Flame-retardant work clothes – safety in three layers

Tough work situations demand clothing that provides protection from the outer to the inner layer. Our 3-layer system makes it simple to regulate body temperature by putting on a garment or taking one off, depending on the current work situation. Workwear with three flame-retardant layers provides optimal protection.

Workwear development and testing

Work in heavy industry, the CHP sector, and the fire and rescue services are all confronting extreme conditions with a high level of risk. We take great care to ensure that our workwear meet all safety requirements and standards, and we perform our own tests to make sure we stay at the cutting edge of developing workwear. In addition, we commission independent laboratories to test our work clothes.

Spacer intermediate layer work clothes from Wenaas – technology that makes it even easier to keep warm

The Spacer intermediate layer uses new technology that combines extra insulation with low weight. The Spacer intermediate layer is perfect for work clothes used in cold and demanding environments – for craftsmen, building and construction workers, or workers at power stations or on oil platforms.With Spacer technology, we have managed to create a material that maintains the best properties of wool, but with even greater insulation. Physiological laboratory tests at SINTEF in Trondheim show that the Spacer intermediate layer weighs less but provides as good or better insulation than other, heavier materials.  The Spacer intermediate layer consists of a three-dimensional knitted material, with wool on the inside and outside. Spacer yarn maintains the gaps between these layers, allowing airflow that increases the insulating effect. When choosing workwear for cold environments – choose Spacer intermediate layer.

Craftsman workwear

Wenaas has extensive experience and superior competence in workwear for this sector. On the basis of our own experience and input from our users, we have now developed a craftsman collection of work clothes that covers multiple needs and a variety of work patterns – involving different ergonomic solutions and material selections.These work clothes are resulting in improved comfort, improved durability and improved work efficiency. Our work clothes for craftsmen are tough yet comfortable, and the trousers are available in standard leg length or customised, if required.

We have for a long time been a preferred supplier of workwear to the industrial, building and construction sectors. Moreover, we have in excess of 30 years of experience in developing emergency response work clothes and station uniforms for the fire and rescue sector, ambulances, emergency outpatient clinics, sea rescue, air ambulances and voluntary rescue organisations.

From the earliest days of the boom in the Norwegian oil and gas industry, Wenaas has been helping make working days on the Norwegian continental shelf safer – by supplying work clothes and protective equipment adapted to suit the demanding assignments performed offshore.

We have built up a professional environment that works closely with the SINTEF research organisation and other leading research institutes. In addition to a broad standard range of heavy work clothes and protective equipment, we also supply specially designed workwear and complete collections tailored to match the customer’s wishes and requirements exactly. Some companies have specific, practical needs, while others want workwear and personal protective equipment that reflects their own profile and image.

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