Ensure that the footwear is adapted to your daily work and tasks

The primary function of safety shoes is to protect the feet. Protective shoes must also have an anti-glide sole, be water-proof and very durable in order to protect the feet over a long time. Our protective shoes must give the users a safe workday, and it is also very important to us that our protective shoes are a good fit and feel comfortable on during eight to ten hours every day, with temperatures of around 28 to 32 degrees Celsius.

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Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas


A new collection of protective shoes that we have created for use  in the oil and gas industry, building and construction and heavy industry. The collection consists of boots, ankle boots and shoes with a TECH2o membrane, PunctureBlock nail protection and ReBound cushioning system.

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Hivis ectreme curved- synlighetsbekledning for damer Wenaas Hivis ectreme curved- synlighetsbekledning for damer Wenaas

Forma    - comming soon!

New protective models in grained Italian leather, excellent anti-glide outer soles and durable TPU outer toe cap that makes the shoes more durable.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Out newly created shoe collection with specifically adapted sole patterns with excellent anti-glide properties for use on slippery floors, such as painted steel decks, surfaces with water, soap and oil.​​​​​​​

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Requirements to protective footwear
The requirements to protective footwear within the different industries are as complex as the different properties protective footwear should have. Protective footwear must include cushioning, ensure excellent anti-glide properties, stability and support for the rest of the body. They must also protect against the outer risk factors that require protective footwear.
It is also important to maintain the shoes' properties over time, after being exposed to long-time and rough use. As suppliers of protective footwear, we maintain continuous contact with our customers, HMS-employees and the people who use our protective footwear on a daily basis.

​​​​​​​We use the feedback we receive to improve the production and development of our protective footwear. Our aim is always to create products with optimal protection and comfort. We have been collecting experiences by wearers of our protective footwear for more than 90 years, and we are leaders in the market when it comes to design, technology and functionality of protective footwear and safety shoes in Norway.

Image of Berserk shoe Image of Berserk shoe

Berserk's history goes back to 1887, when it was founded as Kristiandsunds Oljekledefabrikk, while it was taken over by Wenaas in 1997. We are now re-establishing the trademark Berserk. Our new shoe collection is called Berserk.

We have spared no expense on our latest protective footwear release.  Berserk contains products with new technology and material of the highest quality.

The collection consists of products for rough use, for sectors such as oil and gas, heavy industry and building and construction.

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Below, you can also read about the great quality materials and new technology we have developed for this collection.

Left Illustration of Berserk's sock inside the shoe. Right Illustration of how other technologies for water-proof systems have several layers where where damp can accumulate and lead to a feeling of clammy feet.

TECH2o is our water-resistant system used in our Berserk collection. Our membrane works as a sock directly laminated on the leather.

There are no seams in the sock that create small holes in the membrane and therefore leakage.  This way of attaching the sock ensures that no bumps or creases are created on the membrane. It also ensures that damp is not accumulated between the lining and outer material, which can is often the case with other technologies. DRY FEET DURING THE ENTIRE WORKDAY!  

Our demonstration shows how TECH2o keeps the damp outside, while damp and heat is released from the shoes, in comparison to other protective shoes in which absorbed moisture remains accumulated between the outer sole and innter material.  

ReBound provides a unique balance between energy absorption (cushioning) and energy return in the shoe's sole. During the development of the Berserk collection, we have focused greatly on comfort. Protective footwear is probably the footwear you'll end up using the longest during the course of a day and should therefore be of the highest quality to protect your feet and prevent knee and back issues.

We have used a material known as ReBound on the heel counter of the shoes comprising the Berserk collection. In laboratory tests conducted by Ricotest on behalf Din 53512, Rebound's score was at a par with famous brands known for their comfortable soles. We have done everything we could to ensure that this collection becomes your favourite while at work.

Our Puncture Block midsole is soft and flexible. This means that your foot spends less energy on walking. This sole has no hard surfaces between the PU outer sole and the insole. Nevertheless, your foot remains protected against nails and sharp objects that can perforate the outer sole.

Puncture Block has passed the test for perforation with new 3 mm nails, as per the requirements of EN 20345 (most recent standard).

The sole is sustainable and made from environmentally friendly material.

Absorberende og luftig symbol Absorberende og luftig symbol
Hurtigtørkende symbol Hurtigtørkende symbol
Lettvekter symbol Lettvekter symbol
Work Comfort EVO insole Work Comfort EVO insole

Work Comfort EVO insole

Work Comfort EVO sole

Work Comfort EVO sole ensures that the air circulates inside the shoe. The insole has highly absorbent and breathable properties, which make your feet feel dry and fresh.

The foam sole has cushioning and a memory system to ensure longer durability.

Contender glass fibre toe cap

The toe cap is made from a robust glass fibre and is 50% lighter than traditional toe caps, resistant against corrosion and electrical isolation, with excellent heat isolation and cold isolation. The compression tests comprise all global national safety standards. The thickness is also the thinnest in the market, at the same time as adhering to safety and all standards.

We are re-establishing the brand Verner. Verner was originally founded as Møre shoe factory in 1918 and was taken over by Wenaas in 2002

The collection consists of products for use in the service industry, work in warehouses and the craft industry with a focus on lightweight shoes and high-quality materials.  


This shoe collection puts the sole centre stage!

Our new, sporty safety shoe collection, Verner, consists of four different models. Phantom S3 and Virgo S1P have a specially developed PU sole, which is particularly well suited for slippery floors. The outer sole has a big contact surface and good grip on wet and smooth floors.   

The sole performed very well on the slip safety test on the new EN 20345 standard.

We have placed great focus on the shoes being lightweight and excellent materials when developing the Verner series. The models are suitable for the service industry, light industry and the craft industry.

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Several new Verner shoe models

Calypso S3 has the same outer sole as Phantom S3 and Virgo S1P – a PU sole suitable for smooth surfaces. Our ankle boots Scotia S3, on the other hand, are better suited for surfaces with soil, gravel or mud. The outer sole is therefore a rougher texture.

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Comming soon!

Forma is a well-known shoe brand founded in 1906, when Th. Svendsen shoe factory was established and since then taken over by Wenaas in 1999. Forma was Norway's leading shoe manufacturer and the first company to produce protective footwear. The factory was the first in the world to produce a soft nail sole and was also awarded the standard "Good Design". We have now re-established the brand Forma.

The protective shoes collection consists of models in a conventional design with materials of the utmost quality.

Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas

A classic ankle boot with an American design

A great American-style boot in grained Italian leather. Soft and comfortable sole with a metal-free nail sole and a soft edge at the top makes with shoe an instant favourite. Anti-glide rubber outer sole and good ankle support.

Bakken – with "pull on"-loops

TecH2o water-proof system: Membrane "sock" inside the boot that ensures that you can't feel the seams and parts of the boot, thus improving the level of comfort. You are guaranteed dry feet with the sock, which ensures that no humidity is kept between the inner and outer material, and no seams prevent water from seeping in.

New high quality collection from the German brand Leopard. The models come with a specially developed and designed sole from MegaStampi. The broad sole is made of very soft PU and has an asymmetrical aluminium toe cap. Altogether, this provides for very comfortable shoes for those who need ergonomic models.

The collection consists of two shoes and one pair of ankle boots with the latest sole technology from Desma MSI, which includes additional cushioning material. The broad soles are made of very soft PU and have an asymmetrical aluminium toe cap, which make the models roomy and comfortable.

For those in need of extra large sizes, we have models in the Leopard collection that go up to size 54.

Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas

Shoes Leopard 1673 S1P

- Two-layered PU-sole.
- Shoe laces
- Cushioning system.
- Soft spike trap.
- Broad soles and toe cap.
- Lightweight toe cap in aluminium with an asymmetrical shape.
- Removable insole.

Ankel boot Leopard 1430 S3

- Two-layered PU-sole.
- Cushioning system.
- Soft spike trap.
- Broad soles and toe cap.
- Easy lacing with the A-Top system.
- Lightweight toe cap in aluminium with an asymmetrical shape.
- Removable insole. ​​​​​​​

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Hivis ectreme curved- synlighetsbekledning for damer Wenaas Hivis ectreme curved- synlighetsbekledning for damer Wenaas

Shoes Leopard 1431 S3

- Two-layered PU-sole.
- Cushioning system.
- Soft spike trap.
- Broad soles and toe cap.
- Easy lacing with the A-Top system.
- Lightweight toe cap in aluminium with an asymmetrical shape.
- Removable insole.​​​​​​​

Quality, comfort and safety since 1916.
The Jalas collection is sporty and the shoes could easily be mistaken for casual shoes. However, the models have been created with the utmost thought on safety, quality and comfort.

Some of Jalas' models are also available in sizes up to 50.

Wellington, PU and PVC boots

Wellington boots or boots made of PU or PVC – one for every task or sector.
We carry boots from Techno Boot, which are environmentally friendly and not a risk for people's health, while also ensuring they remain comfortable and safe. They have been tested in the SATRA laboratory in the UK and in PFI in Germany. We also carry quality boots from Exena.

The Exena models are produced in Italy and are of a high quality with a clear focus on innovation and flexibility. The collection consists of shoes, ankle boots and boots. The collection is affordable without sacrificing quality, safety and comfort.

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Other safety footwear

Do you want to protect the feet of your employees against hot tarmac, protect feet from liquid metal in smelting plants, or are you simply looking for boots for the fire brigade? Get in touch and let us help you find a good and safe choice for your employees.

Footwear without protection

Are you looking for uniform shoes, crogs or clogs? Or perhaps you are looking for comfortable footwear for employees in your store or sandals for lifeguards? We also have a selection of footwear without safety protection – perhaps even something for you?

Extensive development and tests of protective shoes – the search for the ultimate model

At Wenaas, we are well acquianted with the standards concerning protective footwear. We interpret and develop protective footwear that surpass the minimum requirements. The users provide us with important feedback and insight into real requirements, wishes and experiences through the different HSE-committees we participate in.  We do not find it sufficient to follow the standards for protective footwear; we surpass the requirements when it comes to support and slip protection. This means that we produce protective footwear adapted to Nordic feet. We also use lightweight toe caps that provide excellent protection, at the same time as leaving room to move the toes freely. We have literally tailored protective footwear for workers in highly different sectors with different specific requirements.

We have a large selection of shoes and safety footwear, and we will always find or develop a solution that suits all our customers. We know what it's like to walk a mile in your (protective) shoes.



Adapt your footwear to anyone with Workpro insole.

Protective shoes and work shoes for all sectors

There is often some confusion between the terms anti-static, ESD and electric isolation when it comes to footwear. Both anti-static and ESD footwear prevent/reduce static electrical charge to the body. This reduces electrical flashover (shock/charge/spark), and/or protects electrical equipment (ESD) by sending electrical charge to the ground. This is very different from electrically isolated footwear (EH tested), which protects against charging high-voltage electricity to the ground, which can be extremely dangerous.

Wenaas is familiar with the rules for protective footwear in detail and makes products that exceed the minimum requirements. In cooperation with the users, we tailor our footwear and protective shoes with stringent safety demands to workers in different sectors, such as oil and gas, transport, building and construction, etc.


Antistatic approved footwear redirect static electricity that has been accumulated in the body by redirecting it back to the ground, but with a relatively low conductivity. They are also electrically isolated against electrical shocks from machine up to 230 volt. The values for the resistance is 100 KΩ - 1000 MΩ, which is far above the standards for ESD-approved footwear. Risk of ignition, for instance of combustibles, is reduced. Anti-static footwear is a good alternative in places with a low risk of explosion and in places where static electricity is unworkable, and also for general use.

ESD protective shoes

ESD-approved shoes, approved in accordance with IEC 61340, redirect the static electricity that gathers in the body by gathering it to the ground in a safe and controlled way. The values of the resistance is lower than 100 MΩ. It means that ESD footwear does not isolate, and does not protect against electrical shocks, and should not be used if there is a risk of shock from electrical machines. ESD shoes–ideally combined with ESD clothing–is suitable for work with electronic equipment, and ensures that you can prevent damage on the equipment. ESD footwear is the best alternative for those working in areas with a risk of explosion (ATEX zones) and general use.

Electrical isolation

Electrically isolated footwear do not conduct electricity, and approved is accordance with ASTM F2413-18 EH up to 18,000 volt. In the event of an accident, the footwear will isolate against the ground, so that the electricity does not go through the body and back to the ground. Electrically isolated footwear is the opposite of ESD and antistatic footwear, and is therefore not not suitable for environments with a risk of static electricity that can ignite combustible and liquids or work with fragile electrical components. The shoes are suitable for use in live environments.

Maintenance and cleaning of protective footwear extend the durability of your shoes

Dirt and humidity has little effect on shoes that have been maintained properly. Suitable maintenance is important to keep the shoes comfortable and extend the durability of the shoes. Protective footwear should be maintained clean, dry and looked after over time.   

  • The shoe upper can be easily cleaned with a shoe brush, or with a damp cloth.  Protective shoes that are very dirty must be washed in luke-warm mild soapy water, and rinsed.

  • Never dry protective shoes near heat sources, such as  ovens or heating cabinets. The leather dries out, turns hard and can crack. We recommend to open the tongue and remove the insole for optimal drying.

  • Protective shoes in leather must be treated with shoe cream, and ideally with impregnation spray.

  • Protective shoes in textile must be treated with impregnation spray.  Do not use products that include fat or oils, as it reduces the breathable properties to the materials in protective shoes. In the event of reduced breathability, the feet can become clammy, thus reducing the level of comfort.

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Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas

Currex sole system

We also have an insole that suits your foot, whether it has a high, low or medium arch.
Voltmaster Voltmaster

Lithium -  for smelting plants

Both safety and comfort were emphasised when we developed Lithium.
Sole made of recycled material
​​​​​​​Work Comfort EVO sole - environmentally friendly insole. The sole is made from recycled material. The packaging is made from recyclable cardboard.