fire-fighter glove Tex Grip 2.0

Fire-fighter glove, Tex Grip 2.0 D-cuff features a cuff that perfectly matches the interior cuff in our new Smoke diver jacket, PBI Max. This prevents hazardous or polluted liquids running down into the glove, and protects against the associated health risks. The Fire-fighter glove, Tex Grip, can even be machine-washed at 60°C (just like ordinary clothes) without losing its special properties. This means that the gloves will keep on preventing hazardous substances from penetrating the body through the skin of the hands – even after protracted use. The outer layer of the gloves is made of Nomex, covering layers of Kevlar and mineral fibre that provide excellent protection against cuts. In addition, the palm surface features a fire-proof silicone coating that ensures a strong grip.


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