The W112 Smoke diver suit, PBI Max, builds on Wenaas’ years of experience in the development and production of clothing for smoke divers. The W112 Smoke diver suit has been the best on the market – by a good margin – for many years as regards protection against heat penetration, which is the primary function of smoke diver clothing. Only the best properties in this area will provide crews with the extra protection and performance demanded in finely balanced situations.

With the W112 Smoke diver suit, PBI Max, we are launching the following improvements, developed in partnership with the Norwegian Fire Service:

  • Improved durability
  • Reinforced impregnation (withstands 20 washes)
  • Exchangeable external pocket panels for individual adaptation (in addition to pockets for the conventional smoke diver radio on the inside)
  • Exchangeable text panels for individual texts
  • Extra Kevlar reinforcement in hard-wearing areas
  • Improved fit

Exchangeable external pocket panels for individual adaptation PBI Max

Utskiftbare brystlommepaneler for alle typer kommunikasjonsutstyr med fortsatt mulighet for bruk av skulderstykke. Man kan bytte lommesystem og fortsatt bruke røykdykkerdressen dersom nye krav til kommunikasjonsutstyr kommer før den typiske sliteterminen på 5/10 år er passert. Lommepanelene finnes i både høyre og venstreutgave, og kan kombineres fritt. Man kan velge å ikke ha på brystlommer i krevende situasjoner. Borrelåsen vil da kunne beskyttes med et eget beskyttelsespanel.

Major benefits and improvements

Wenaas has added an internal cuff to the sleeve of the Smoke diver jacket, PBI Max, which perfectly matches our new fire-fighter glove, Tex Grip 2.0. D-cuff. The new fire-fighter glove features a cuff designed to match the interior cuff on the smoke diver jacket. The intention is to prevent hazardous or polluted liquids running down into the glove – and to protect against the associated health risks. The concept of exchangeable pocket and text panels is now being transferred to other emergency response products from Wenaas – our new Uniform vest, for example, and the upgraded Rescue coveralls. With these new properties, the fire service will have the chance to develop effective routines for highlighting the chain of command and skills at an incident location.


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