Flame retardant workwear

Reliable workwear for high-risk professions

Ever since the start of the boom in the Norwegian oil and gas sector, Wenaas has been helping make the working day safer for employees on the Norwegian continental shelf. We are experts in workwear and equipment designed to provide protection in hazardous work situations, and have actually set the bar for flame-retardant work clothes. This has made Wenaas the preferred supplier to the industry – a vote of confidence we feel proud of.

Flame-retardant clothes provide safety in three layers

Tough work situations demand clothing that provides protection from the outer to the inner layer. Our 3-layer system makes it simple to regulate body temperature by putting on a garment or taking one off, depending on the current work situation. Wearing three flame-retardant layers provides optimal protection.

Comprehensive development and testing

Work in heavy industry, the CHP sector, and the fire and rescue services often entails confronting extreme conditions with a high level of risk. We know that every garment can mean the difference between life and death, which is why we never compromise on product development and are committed to maintaining a broad product spectrum. We take the greatest care to ensure that our products meet all safety requirements and standards, and we perform our own tests to make sure we stay at the cutting edge of development. In addition, we commission independent laboratories to test our products. Demands on workwear and protective equipment, safety and comfort are constantly developing, so to assure innovation and new advances we carry out development projects such as Arctic Protection in partnership with SINTEF and other research organisations.


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