The Spacer intermediate layer

Technology that makes it even easier to keep warm

The Spacer intermediate layer uses new technology that combines extra insulation with low weight. The Spacer intermediate layer is perfect for everyone who works in cold and demanding environments – whether they are craftsmen, building and construction workers, or working at power stations or on oil platforms.

Spacer intermediate layer workclothes Wenaas

The Spacer technology – the greatest possible insulation at the lowest possible weight

With Spacer technology, we have managed to create a material that maintains the best properties of wool, but with even greater insulation. Physiological laboratory tests at SINTEF in Trondheim show that the Spacer intermediate layer weighs less but provides as good or better insulation than other, heavier materials.

Three unique layers

The Spacer intermediate layer consists of a three-dimensional knitted material, with wool on the inside and outside. Spacer yarn maintains the gaps between these layers, allowing airflow that increases the insulating effect - while allowing the weight to be kept to a minimum.The Spacer intermediate layer from Devold also gives good temperature regulation, high moisture wicking, and a fast drying time. The collection consists of a jacket, trousers, and a balaclava (Spirit Windproof Balaclava).

The Spacer intermediate layer complements the Pyrad collection

The Spacer intermediate layer worn over Spirit FR underwear complements the Pyrad collection of arcing-approved and lightweight work clothing. It provides increased comfort and safety, where greater mobility makes it easier to manage the world's most demanding jobs. The combination achieved is an Arc rating EBT50.

The Spacer intermediate layer summarised

  • Low weight
  • ​​​​​​​High insulation
  • Good temperature regulation
  • High wicking- Fast drying time
  • Complements the Pyrad collection
  • Approved for visibility, flame retardant, electric Arc and antistatic Arc rating EBT50 among others.


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