Sustainability for Wenaas

"Taking Responsibility, being Transparent and Trustworthy"

Sustainability and ESG

Our social responsibility

At Wenaas the way we create results is important because it is our responsibility to protect people at work. We are aware that our business has an environmental and social impact far beyond the company itself. Being one of the market leaders in workwear and protective equipment it is essential to set high standards for ourselves, to care and promote responsible business practices throughout our value chain and actively engage with improvement that can be measured. Wenaas has overall guidelines for how we should handle Health, Environment and Safety (HSE), responsible purchasing and product safety and anti-corruption.  

Our social responsibility is central to create trust, evaluate our future risks, build, and secure long-term business success, meet stakeholders’ expectations, and contribute to sustainable development. Consequently, ethical business behavior is fundamental at Wenaas - reflected in values that guide each and every one of us. As our own development improvement demands are passed on to all our suppliers and partners; they are required to sign a Code of Conduct (CoC) before any business transaction can take place. The Wenaas CoC contains our prioritized requirements while referring to more in-depth governing documentation on how to respect employees and the environment. These guidelines ensure that all obligations, laws, and regulations that apply are respected. Breach of the CoC and failure to improve will give Wenaas the right to terminate any contract.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

There is no magic formula, the focus is on solving ESG critical challenges of responsible sourcing globally - from development to a risk-based assessment, all while continuously driving improvement in the value chain. Protecting the 3P’s – People, Profit and Planet is an ongoing sustainable task dictated by future challenges and opportunities.

Wenaas started in 1931 and has emerged as one of todays and therefore tomorrow’s leading international suppliers of technical workwear by understanding and incorporating green growth implications and possibilities – including green industry projects and investments of which are yet to be exploited. We are building resilience to optimize our supply chain processes while paying attention to incorporating ESG aspects and capturing opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. This is made necessary due to the deep drivers involving renewable cost-curves, material flows becoming digital and circular, climate risk and because we believe in the need to seek out and to strengthen international cooperation in sustainable development.

In 2023 we spearheaded our ESG approach towards risk management, climate action and social governance refining our core values to build and ensure long-term business success while exceeding our customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations - all while contributing to sustainable developments and financial growth. Our selected goals incorporate an integrated ESG strategy aligned with a low-carbon approach and increased value proposition.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance - ESG ​​​​​​​

For Wenaas, ethical and responsible operation is essential, where care for people and the planet guides all aspects of the business.

​​​​​​​We emphasize environmental and social impact, establishing stringent requirements for both ourselves and our partners, all grounded in national and international standards, laws and regulations.

Our ESG ambitions

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris agreement are reaffirmed and our international presence guides our collaborative effort towards achieving our short and long-term 2030-agenda.

Protecting Environmental Resources

Wenaas is committed to eliminating waste and pollution; by using future-oriented tools to facilitate analysis of sustainable data in cooperation with our strategic and tactical suppliers. Wenaas will prioritize, engage, and reduce its carbon (Co2) emission and water footprint. Our goal is to phase out and replace critical product groups with more recognizable programs - all while promoting initiatives for certified environmental materials to minimize waste in production and after use on energy, water, and waste materials.


Our Social Management Capabilities

Wenaas is committed to being a safe workplace; meeting safety and environmental requirements within its own departments together with an overview of all suppliers. Wenaas has a pragmatic and holistic approach to deepen its understanding to the needs of its supply chain workers. Consequently, we will follow-up to ensure a decent workplace, increasing social dialog to protect against discrimination and harassment - while encouraging equality and fair wages by diligently building long term relationships.


Collaboration and Governance Reporting

Wenaas is committed to transparency; by reporting to national and International ESG frameworks, monitoring the market and by complying with all regulatory requirements, documentation, and processes. Wenaas will strive to ensure fair trade by continued co-operation with its valuable supplier network partners. Furthermore, our focus is on identifying green growth opportunities - all while integrating environmental and social concerns into all its chosen Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) thereby taking responsibility for effective credible reporting.


ESG Program

Wenaas has taken its corporate responsibility seriously for several years, and a well-developed ESG program is in line with this work. The program covers a wide range, and the focus is to take care accordingly to our value chain and production. We operate with trust and act with fairness, and all our suppliers are met with the same active approach, opportunities and challenges we may have. We believe we have clear and consistent communication built for exchanging of ideas and honest feedback. Before entering a partnership, all suppliers undergo a screening to see that they comply with our minimum requirements regarding ethical and environmental business practices. Our suppliers and partners are carefully evaluated based on our own information and requirements, RFI, SAQ, accreditations, certificates and company information provided during and in the pre-qualification process. Before production is started, there are many other requirements and standards that must also be met in practice, including product quality, delivery security, collaboration, product development, certifications, etc. To continue creating sustainable economic growth, we believe in long-term cooperation, close dialogue, and physical supplier visits.

We regularly monitor the performance of our suppliers and systematically verify that remediation activities are implemented. Wenaas is a member of Amfori BSCI to monitor and ensure our production and supplier policy at all stages, a process continuously followed up with annual audits. Amfori BSCI provides us with social audits and reports. Through this agreement we have zero tolerance for forced labor and child labor and request, among other things, freedom of association, discrimination, orderly wage and working conditions, and that all obligations, laws and principles on social security must be respected. If Wenaas discovers that our ethical guidelines are not in compliance with, we will follow up with an improvement plan within a given time frame and the collaboration will continue. This naturally applies to deviations that have not been identified as serious. We require a min. C-score rating or better. If a supplier receives a D-score, we will immediately follow up the CAP action plan and request a completed audit again within 6 months. If zero tolerance (Code RED) is discovered during a factory visit or during an audit, no orders will be placed, and production will be stopped immediately.

Restricted Substance List (RSL)
Our Restricted Substance List (RSL) sets very high demands on production and has been set out in collaboration with several recognized organizations’ recommendations. RSL describes chemicals that are prohibited from being used in our products or by our manufacturers. Wenaas' RSL is based on the requirements of REACH, the PoPs directive, the BioCid directive and the EU's legal regulation of chemicals.

In addition, Wenaas collaborates with RISE and the Swedish chemical group to ensure that the list is always updated. Product specifications and test reports are checked against the RSL list before any production. All our suppliers and business partners are obliged not to use chemicals on our RSL list. The RSL list is an important part of our ESG program and is included in our Code of Conduct.

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The Norwegian Transparency Act

The Transparency Act was enacted by the Norwegian Parliament and entered into force on 1 July 2022. The Norwegian Consumer Authority is assigned the responsibility of guiding and supervising the Transparency Act. The main purpose of the Act is to document our own business risks in line with the Transparency Act. To achieve the Act's purpose, it requires businesses to report on the work they do to ensure compliance with fundamental human rights and decent working conditions throughout their operations and supply chain.

Companies are required to publish the results of their due diligence for the first time by the 30th of June 2023. The law also ensures that the public has sufficient access to this information. Due diligence assessments are considered the international gold standard for good social responsibility. The process is according to OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct and measured accordance with following principles outlined as shown in the infographic.

Since 2022, Wenaas has published its statement to comply with the Transparency Act. The report allows us to identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for our actual and potential adverse impacts, as well as rectify damage related to human rights within the company, in our supply chains, and through our business partners.

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Due Diligence process and supporting measures

Source: OECD (2018), OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct Design: Peggy King Cointepas

Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas Hivis extreme-ny synlighetskolleksjon fra Wenaas

Transport and logistic

Our qualified buyers make sure to utilize rational access to raw materials with available capacity to reduce the need to transport raw materials and finished products back and forth over large distances.


Memberships and Collaborations

We are member of serveral purchasing platforms and our list of good collaborations partners is long.

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UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

We are commited to work on the SDG and have five goals we have focus on to contribute to a better world.

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Certifications and Recognitions

We are committed to being a reliable and professional entity, and we view these assessments as an opportunity to grow and develop in line with our goals and ambitions.



Product Development and Certifications

All our workwear and uniforms are characterised by a high-quality, nice and functional design. Behind every stitch, choice and detail there is careful work and extensive knowledge.

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See our ambitions for UNs SDG

We have focus on five sustainablity development goals and this is our ambitions for them.



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