Even the toughest workers need protection and high quality workwear that is durable and can withstand
demanding work tasks. ICON Visibility collection has been developed for and in collaboration with those who works in the construction industry, because no one knows their needs better. The materials used in
this collection is a good quality and durable polyester/cotton. And areas exposed to wear is reinforced with Cordura®.
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New requirements to be seen when
wearing workwear

In many workplaces, safety and visibility are a very important part of the work to reduce occupational
accidents. That is why we develop security garment solutions that will protect you from head to toe.
Our workwear and protective equipment make you both safe and visible, so you can fully concentrate
on your job.

Requirements for hivis clothing

The standard specifies requirements and test methods for visibility clothing, which shall make the user visible in all high-risk situations, regardless of lighting conditions.

Design requirements

The standard requires that Hi-Vis workwear must be designed in a unik manner. This will take into account the placement of reflecting and fluorescent material. The requirements depend on which parts of the body the garment is to cover (torso, torso and arms only, torso and legs, legs only, or garments that cover both torso, arms and legs). Reflecting and fluorescent material must be evenly used on the front and back of the garment, with a maximum
deviation of + 10%.

Requirements for textiles

The requirement for the fluorescent fabric is that it must retain its fluorescent qualities even after a certain number of washing cycles. For textiles in contrasting color, there is a requirement for color authenticity. For the reflecing tape material, it is a requirement that the reflecting tapes are retained even after washing.


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We have thought of all the details that help to give the user the optimal mobility without compromising functionality, fabric quality and color reproduction. HiVis Extreme - the collection where you can move as you wish without the workwear preventing your movement.

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hivis extreme

When we developed HiVis Extreme, we thought of all the details that help to give the user the optimal mobility without compromising functionality, fabric quality and color reproduction..

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Curved collection for women

The Curved garments have their own design that differs from the men's / unisex models with curvy and flattering cuts that are ergonomically adapted to women.

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3 layer clothing

With 3-layer system, body temperature can be easily regulated by taking garments off or on as the situation requires.

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