3-layer clothing

Safe, comfortable workwear in three layers

Cold and wet climate and demanding work situations call for workwear that provides solid protection from the inner to the outer layer. Our 3-layer system makes it simple to regulate body temperature by putting on a garment or taking one off, depending on the current work situation.

1. Moisture-transporting underwear

The inner layer transports moisture away from the body. The underwear should ideally be close-fitting and not too thick. Wool underwear is known for its capacity to absorb moisture from the body and transport it to the exterior side, where it evaporates. Wool also has excellent insulation properties and keeps you warm. Moreover, wearing flame-retardant wool underwear can help protect against flames and arc flash.

2. Insulating intermediate layer

This layer keeps you warm and provides protection against the cold. It also helps transport moisture away from the body, so you can be sure of staying warm and dry. The intermediate layer should not be overly close-fitting, but should create a “cushion of air” between layers 1 and 3. You can naturally choose to wear one or more intermediate layers, depending on the temperature and level of activity. In work situations where there is a risk of fire and flames, you should choose an intermediate layer with flame-retardant properties.

3. Protective outer garments

This layer keeps out the wind, rain, snow and cold, and preserves the insulating cushion of air in layer 2. Using materials such as GORE-TEX® helps transport moisture away from the body. Our range of protective outer garments includes hi-visibility clothes, flame-retardant clothes and other items specially designed to provide protection against one or more hazards in the working environment.


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