Forestfire coverall / service coverall

The service coverall is a long-awaited product among our firefighters.

Together with the industry, we have gone into the thinking box and assessed every function and feature of this forest fire suit that should be included or that are actually not needed during a forest fire operation.

Light, airy and flame retardant

The suit is based on the Rescue suit, where we keep what is good and remove everything that is not necessary during forest fire fighting. We have thus obtained a suit with a perfect fit and good adjustment options, while being light, airy and flame retardant. Visibility is ensured by a yellow fluorescent shoulder piece with a reflector over the shoulders for good visibility from the helicopter.​​​​​​​

In addition, it has been given the same practical pocket and text panels as our W112 Vest Utrykning, which  enables you to put on text panels with the correct titles, leader names and reflectors. There are many options for what should be on text and pocket panels.
The suit is also excellent for use under oil protection and as a daily workshop suit.


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Sustainable materials

Soft and breathable garments with superior moisture-regulating properties

Tecasafe® Ecogreen was the first inherently flame retardant multinorm fabric with sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber. It provides improved comfort and makes the garment very durable, while also having a lower ecological footprint than regular cotton.

The highest quality, most comfortable workwear with the smallest possible environmental footprint - that is the ambitious goal for Tecasafe® Ecogreen.

safety helmets safety helmets

Smoke diving suit PBI Max

PBI Max, the W112 smoke diver suit, builds on Wenaa's many years of experience in the development and production of clothing for smoke divers.

Station work clothes

Wenaas 112 station workwear (day uniforms) for the fire service is based on a brilliantly simple concept consisting of three components.

Safety vest

The industrial protection service is coordinated with other rescue services, with established rules for the identification of emergency personnel.