Pilot suit

The Wenaas112 Pilot suit solution stems directly from the demands made by Norwegian helicopter pilots in the 1980s. ​​​​​​​

Working closely with the designer Tove Kjær, and with support from Teknologisk Institutt (now known as Innovation Norway), the team developed the perfect coveralls – which, to this day, our competitors are still trying to copy down to the smallest detail.

Wenaas112 Pilot suit – a true classic

Pilot suit from Wenaas 112 Pilot suit from Wenaas 112

Pilot suit from Wenaas 112

Wenaas112 Pilot suit is made of Nomex, an extraordinarily hard-wearing material that provides both comfort and protection. This coverall solution for pilots is the preferred choice of several airlines, as well as the Norwegian Air Ambulance service. The modern version is almost identical to the one developed back in the 1980s, although minor adjustments and changes to functionality have been introduced along the way. The fundamental principles have remained unchanged, however.


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