Sea rescue

Wenaas has spent years working with the world’s finest sea rescue service – the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue – to develop clothing for professionals who have to deal with some of the toughest conditions in the world.​​​​​​​

sea and rescue sea and rescue
Wenaas112 Extreme weather suit for sea rescue personnel

The working relationship has, for instance, resulted in a peerless shell suit which has proved its ability to cope with even the toughest conditions at sea and in the mountains. The suit provides excellent protection in all locations where weather conditions, climate and temperatures are at their most extreme. Wenaas112 Extreme weather suit is used by sea rescue, mountain rescue and firefighter crews. The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue also uses our sporty day uniform, which comprises Action Trousers, our Executive Gore-Tex Jacket and Sportwool undergarments and intermediate layer. Emblazoned with the appropriate emblems and badges, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue receives uniforms that its crews can wear with pride – and which provide both identity and protection.

sea and rescue wenaas workwear sea and rescue wenaas workwear


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Ambulance service

Wenaas112 has been supplying uniforms to the ambulance service for many years. The Norwegian Directorate of Health wanted to draw on this experience when designing the uniforms for the new emergency outpatient clinic organisation.

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When the heat is on

Nothing is more important to us at Wenaas than protecting people at work. The entire fire-fightingforce in Norway uses our trail-blazing PBI/Gore Airlock concept.


Pilot suit

Wenaas112 Pilot suit is made of Nomex, an extraordinarily hard-wearing material that provides both comfort and protection. This coverall solution for pilots is the preferred choice of several airlines, as well as the Norwegian Air Ambulance service.​​​​​​​