W112 First responder vest​​​​​​​

Great news for a variety of professionals!​​​​​​​

Wenaas112’s new W112 First responder vest combines many years’ experience of fire and rescue workwear with very useful feedback from our customers. As a result, the vest is ideal for fire, rescue and first responder personnel but can be used by a variety of other professional groups thanks to its flexibility. In other words, this garment can be used by “everyone”. The final customer adaptions ahead of delivery of the W112 First responder vest are made by our large Value-Added Services (VAS) department in Måndalen. This is where we affix the desired colour reflector and logo, as well as the combination of pocket and text panels chosen by the customer.

W112 First responder vest W112 First responder vest

The W112 First responder vest is approved under EN ISO 20471 class 2 and has a variety of stand-out features:

  • The quality, design and comfort that is synonymous with W112
  • Interchangeable hook-and-loop pocket panels
  • Standard version delivered with one pocket panel for a mobile telephone and one for a radio terminal
  • Can also be delivered with a pocket panel for a double radio terminal
  • The customer can tailor the pocket combination to their needs
  • Remote speaker mic loops on both sides above the chest pockets
  • Interchangeable hook-and-loop text panels
  • Popper adjustment on both sides the bottom
  • Low, standing collar
  • Strong external loop on the back of the neck for easy hanging
  • Shoulder flaps with hook-and-loop closureInner strap offers alternative closing mechanism if the vest’s zip cannot be used
The W112 First responder vest attracts the attention of a variety of professionals!
  • Our fabrics are sturdy and hard-wearing enough to support pockets filled with equipment.
  • Vests are airy by nature, but the back section can quickly become damp on a hot summer’s day. That is why the back of the W112 First responder vest is made from an airy fabric.
  • Our vest is often used as part of a uniform, so it needs to look the part. That is why we have incorporated shoulder flaps and a collar offering a neat neck finish.
  • The W112 First responder vest has interchangeable pocket panels on the chest, like other Wenaas first responder gear. This makes it possible for customers to create good routines for the positioning of equipment and allows them to make individual adjustments.
  • Our new vest also features spacious pockets at the bottom capable of holding a tablet. There is also a carabiner loop in the side seam.
  • ​​​​​​​In addition, the W112 First responder vest is equipped with hook-and-loop panels for fitting interchangeable text panels with the same dimensions as those used for other Wenaas first responder gear. We can supply text panels in various colours and with the customer’s chosen text. This allows the customer to establish their own system for colour and text.

Interchangeable pocket and text panels

Wenaas has made it possible to standardise the use of both pocket and text panels on many garments by making these interchangeable. These new details offer added flexibility while contributing to increased efficiency and safety. Learn more about interchangeable panels here.

Fire and rescue Wenaas Interchangeable pocket and text panels Fire and rescue Wenaas Interchangeable pocket and text panels


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