Bodyshell underwear - flame retardant

Bodyshell - flame retardant underwear without wool! New, comfortable and certified underwear with a close-fitting and modern design. The unique combination of modacrylic, cotton and antistat mix provides both good protection and very comfortable garments that feel cool against the skin.

Perfect as 1st layer protection

The Bodyshell garments are produced in a knitted fabric of high quality that gives the user optimal protection against arcing, heat and fire. The garments are also antistatic.

The underwear is specially developed for everyone who works in geographically warm areas or in generally warm work environments. In such environments, flame retardant wool underwear often becomes too warm to dress in, which makes Bodyshell a good choice.

The mixture of modacrylic and cotton means that the garments will feel very cool and soft against the body, in addition to transporting moisture in a good way. In other words, this collection will provide perfect 1st layer protection, especially in hot environments.

Increase safety and comfort throughout the year by dressing in 3-layer clothing with flame retardant properties from the inside to the outside!

The series comes with a number of different garments, including tops such as 1/2 zip, polo and sweater, as well as a comfortable stilongs and balaclava.

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What is arc flash?

Protection is essential for everyone who works with electrical installations, performs maintenance of equipment in systems not secured against arc flash, and works with high-voltage equipment.