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Feel secure in comfortable safety shoes

The principal task of safety shoes is, of course, to protect the feet. In addition, however, they must be waterproof, have a non-slip sole and be so hard-wearing that they help keep feet safe for a long time. Through our commitment to providing users with the very best, we at Wenaas also devote a lot of time and effort to make sure our shoes fit properly and are comfortable to wear for 8–10 hours a day in temperatures of 28–32°C. We have been drawing on experience from our users for more than 80 years, and are market leaders in Norway with regard to design, technology and functionality for work boots and shoes.

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Comprehensive development and testing of the ultimate safety shoes

We are fully familiar with the standards that apply to safety footwear, interpret them and apply them in developing products that far exceed the minimum requirements. We also participate in a number of HSE committees, which gives us access to important feedback and insight into real-life requirements, wishes and experience from users. Through this approach, we can literally tailor our safety footwear to the needs of workers in different sectors: oil and gas, transport, building and construction, and so on. We have an extremely wide range of footwear and safety shoes, and can
always find a solution that matches our customers’ needs.


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Safety shoes with W-TEX

Our safety shoes and boots with W-TEX membrane for women and men are designed to keep your feet dry, regardless of weather conditions.

CURREX sole concept

With Workpro insole, the footwear can be easily adapted to each user.

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