Uniform AND

special adaptations

New UNiform for Posten and Bring

Working closely with the design agency Snøhetta, Wenaas developed a new, simplified and shared collection for Posten and Bring.

Quality and service level for our uniforms

Design and development
of uniforms
We work continuously to improve our products and services through dialogue regarding the ongoing development of our customers’ needs, and the combination of innovative technology with dynamics, design and style.

Logistics and service level
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​(Demand Planning)

The right product, delivered at the right time and to the right place are some of the key criteria that must be met if you are to succeed as a supplier of uniforms.


In addition to a broad standard range of heavy work clothes and protective equipment, Wenaas also supplies specially designed work outfits and complete collections tailored to match the customer’s wishes and requirements exactly. Some companies have specific, practical needs, while others want workwear and personal protective equipment that reflects their own profile and image.

Bespoke protective equipment and workwear for different sectors

Ever since the 1980s, Wenaas has been developing into a leading player in the uniform segment. Today, we have contracts to deliver uniform workwear and protective equipment to customers including:

  • Airlines and bus companies
  • The police
  • The Norwegian State Railways (NSB)
  • The Norwegian Armed Forces
  • Other public authorities

Our workwear and uniforms are adapted with regard to their design and use of distinguishing features such as logos. Wenaas introduced electronic ordering solutions at an early stage, and has focused on developing flexible, efficient and cost-saving administration of concepts of this kind.

Cost-efficient electronic solutions with full overview

We offer all our customers with contracts for the production and delivery of work clothes and other protective equipment a customised electronic webshop solution that is fully integrated with our ERP system. This means that the system will always contain updated information so customers have access to efficient, straightforward and reliable overviews of stock. Customers can even add specific functions such as budget control for each individual uniform user.

Good planning for reliable delivery

In order to ensure the right delivery at the right time and in the right place in accordance with needs and orders, Wenaas uses a specially adapted production planning system. Based on historical data and information from you, our customer, the system generates optimal forecasts of future needs, which makes it possible to maintain stable production and to optimise stock holdings.

Superior design and product development

Wenaas possesses peerless product skills in the field of professional clothing, with a professional environment consisting of product experts and employees with in-depth knowledge of pattern design, metre fabrics, sewing techniques, design and logistics solutions.