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Start your cold workday with warm garments

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Dress according to the 3-layer system

The winter can be challenging for those who work outdoors. Cold climates and advanced work tasks claim that the workwear protect you - from the inside to outside. Dress according to the 3-layer system, then the  body temperature can be easily adjusted by taking off or on garments  in relation to body temperature and outdoor climate.

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Spacer intermediate layer - advanced technology

Spacer intermediate clothing - the highest possible insulation with the lowest possible weight. With the Spacer technology, it has been possible to create an intermediate clothing where the unique properties of wool are preserved - at the same time as increased insulation has been added.


Warm winter coveralls for cold days

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Is it important to wear a hat in the cold?

Most of us have heard that heat loss is greatest through the head. But that is not correct. The heat loss is greatest on bodyparts where you do not wear clothes. Our head does not emit more heat than other bodyparts. It all depends on how sensitive we are to the cold on the individual body parts. Regardless, it is a good idea to use a hat to keep warm.

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Difficult to keep the hands warm?

Heat pack N-FERNO® helps you stay warm. Put the heat bag in the glove, the pockets where you warm your hands or use it to warm other body parts.

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Winter gloves 300-collection

Work gloves for cold temperatures. The gloves are warmer variants of close-fitting assembly gloves or all-round work gloves. For use outdoors, in cold environments and all kinds of weather.

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Do you wear a helmet at work?

We can recommend Spirit Balaclava or helmet hat to keep warm. Our Spirit Balaklava is the test winner! It keeps you warm while giving the ears the best noise reduction in combination with hearing protection.


Not easy to keep your feet warm when the temperature is at minus?

We can recommend you to try  toe warmer or foot warmer

We have wool socks that keep you warm

If you struggle with cold feet in the winter, it is a good rule to always have winter shoes that are one size larger than what you normally wear. Use a good, insulating sole inside the boot and wear a warm sock, preferably in wool. Air insulates - you should therefore not wear too tight winter shoes.

Do not fall on the ice use spikes

A lot of people slip and injure themselves on slippery roads during the winter. Ensure a good foothold when you are at work or in private.

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