Quality uniforms adapted to your needs. Our uniforms are designed to be comfortable to work in. They are made of quality materials that meet all requirements for comfort and have a long lifetime.

Standard uniforms in stock

We have elegant standard uniforms, which you can easily customise with different details. The uniforms are designed for your well being, in addition to being durable and comfortable to work in.

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A uniform should be comfortable, fit well, fit your body type and make you feel good at work. A nice uniform creates a sense of community among the workers and a sense of pride about what they do and the work place they represent.

We design the uniforms you need or you can choose among our new standard uniforms.

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Environment and sustainability

Safe delivery

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Uniform collection in stock

Do you run a cleaning and want all your employees to wear the same uniform? Or do the cleaners at the hotel a fresh and functional uniform? Does the reception or the law company need a uniform profiling? Or does the kitchen personnel need an upgrade?

There are many opportunities and probably even more advantages with Wennas' stocked uniforms.

These uniforms are suitable for the vast majority of sectors in which uniforms are used and a great advantage with these uniforms is that we have them in stock, so the employees do not have to wait for long before they get their uniforms.

The uniforms are available in three colours: black, charcoal grey and dark navy. In addition, the clothes are also available in a regular and slim fit, and we offer –of course– both a men's and women's collection.

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Case Posten / Bring

Posten Bring is a company with many employees in several different jobs that have different requirements to clothing. In cooperation with Snøhetta, Wenaas has developed their uniform in a simplified collection.


Case Vy

The collaboration with Vy goes back a long way and we helped Yy together with the designer to find the right new expression, the right clothes and the right qualities.


Case Kiwi

Sammen med designer Frank Remme har vi designet Kiwi sin nye, slitesterke, brukervennlige og funksjonelle uniform. Resultatet ble en herlig og sporty uniform som de bærer med stolthet og selvtillit.


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Quality Uniform Collection in stock

We have thought about all the details that help to give the user the optimal functionality, mobility and comfort without affecting the stitching, fabric quality or color reproduction.

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Customized uniforms
Wenaas are proud to be the creators of the uniforms for many important companies in society like the Norwegian Post, Bring, hotels, the military, the police, etc.

Safe choice
​​​​​​​​You should be able to confidently choose us as your next supplier of company uniforms. We have extensive experience and expertise in uniform production. With more than 90 years of experience in the industry, we have a very good understanding of the needs and requirements for company uniforms. The history of continuous improvement and innovation has made us the uniform supplier we are today - a reliable player in the market.

We have always set quality as our foremost goal and use only the best materials and production methods to ensure that the uniforms we stand behind are durable, comfortable and functional, while being developed and produced in a sustainable way.
We understand that every business is unique, and offer tailor-made uniform solutions that can be adapted to your specific needs. This gives you the opportunity to choose uniforms that perfectly match your company's image and industry.

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Does your company need a new uniform and a new look?​​​​​​​

Many companies think they must have a uniform designed and tailored for them, but that is not true. Wenaas has many garments that can be mixed and matched with each other and you have your company's new uniform in a quick and easy way. You don't have to start a big process with self-designed garments. We have good experience in guiding our uniform customers to the right garments that will form the company's uniform.​​​​​​​