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The industrial safety service is coordinated with the other rescue services, and principles and rules for the marking of emergency personnel have been established. ​​​​​​​

This is very positive, because previously – according to the Norwegian Industrial Safety Organisation (NSO) – there have been a number of different locally adapted expressions.

In “Handbook for the rescue service. System description – principles – values” that was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and published in 2018, the various titles in industrial safety are clarified in addition to how these are to be used. Formerly the title “incident commander” was used in industrial safety, while today the title used is “on scene commander.”

Industrial safety vest Wenaas Workwear Industrial safety vest Wenaas Workwear

Fire, medical and police now have exclusive rights to use “incident commander,” while industrial safety’s management roles are defined with the following designations:

  • On scene commander
  • First aid commander
  • Fire commander
  • Order and security service commander

It is a requirement that industrial safety’s operative managers are visible at the scene of the incident.

These must be clearly distinguishable from other rescue services and must be easy to identify. This is because industrial safety personnel possess important local knowledge, and that the rescue services quickly need to identify them in order to perform their own work as efficiently as possible.

NSO has received input and feedback from industrial safety services all over Norway with regard to how the new vests should be designed. The blue squares and the shoulder section of the new “on scene commander” vest is inspired by the blue colour of the industrial safety service and the industrial safety logo. The other operative functions in fire, police and medical services also have squares on their vests.

The goal of the vests is that they shall contribute to achieve good communication and identification of key personnel.

Everyone among emergency response personnel should recognise a regime – regardless of where and in which situations they are operating.

  • The on scene commander has a yellow vest with a blue shoulder section and chessboard pattern in blue and yellow
  • The first aid commander has a grey vest.
  • White is reserved for health personnel and ambulance services
  • The fire commander has an orange vest. The fire brigade has red vests
  • Yellow vests are for the remaining industrial safety services


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