Station workwear

Wenaas112 station workwear (day uniforms) for the fire service are based on a brilliantly simple concept made up of three components.

1 Action Trousers

These are uniform trousers with a “leisure slant”, and with all the pockets a fireman or handyman could wish for. They are made of top-quality Klopman material, which neatly combines comfort and durability. More and more organisations are adopting our W112 Action Trousers, from police forces to the staff at Avinor’s 46 airports.

2 Full-year Executive Gore-Tex Jacket

The jacket is an authentic Gore-Tex garment, tested and approved at the Gore laboratory in Germany. This means it is made to the quality demands stipulated by Gore – with regard not only to the materials, but also to the production equipment. The Full-year Executive Jacket is the jacket fire-fighters wear when they are not fighting fires. The mesh lining makes the shell jacket feel comfortable against the skin in the summer months.

3 Sportwool intermediate layer

Sportwool intermediate layers are available in a range of weights and cuts. The extraordinary feature of Sportwool is the weave of polyester and Merino wool in separate layers, as opposed to the usual practice of blending the fibres. As a result, the flocked Merino wool is worn closest to the body, making full use of the properties only wool possesses with regard to absorbing moisture and vapour. The outer layer of polyester helps establish a representative look, and ensures high durability and colour-resistance. In fact, Sportwool is ideal for wearing under smoke diver suits, on account of its excellent ability to transport moisture away from the body. This is important in avoiding scald injuries when the heat really is on! All fire-fighters know that station clothing has a tendency to end up being worn under the smoke diver suit. With Sportwool, this is no bad thing; in fact, it is quite an advantage. All our Sportwool garments have the same uniform features such as shoulder boards, shoulder tabs for indication of rank, and chest pockets. The Sportwool products and the Full-year Executive Gore-Tex Jacket are a perfect match – whatever season.


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