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Work gloves for a safe, adaptable working day

As the leading manufacturer in Norway of workwear and protective equipment, we are well aware that the right work gloves for the job are crucial from the perspectives of comfort, functionality and safety. Finding work gloves, safety gloves and water resistant gloves that are comfortable, provide the required protection, allow freedom of movement for your fingers, ensure a firm grip irrespective of weather conditions, and stay on your hands throughout the work process can be quite a task, and demands a thorough approach. Our product experts are happy to help with a risk assessment to assist you in choosing the work gloves, safety gloves and water resistant gloves that provide appropriate protection against the risk(s) at hand, and help you get the job done in the best possible manner.


Keeping hands safe in most sectors

We at Wenaas have focused on developing work gloves and safety gloves for the oil, gas and construction sectors, as well as other industrial professions, with the emphasis on user comfort, the relevant work assignments and safety. In designing work gloves and safety gloves to provide protection against chemicals, we have chosen to work with other leading manufacturers so as to be able to supply a complete range.

Choose the right work gloves, safety gloves and water-resistant gloves

In order to ensure the level of protection that your work requires, it is essential to choose the right work gloves that protect against the risk factors you are exposed to. The employer is responsible for providing the required protective equipment and training. This includes work gloves, safety gloves and water-resistant gloves. Selecting the right work gloves therefore begins with a risk assessment of each individual working environment.

Areas of use requiring particular attention with regard to the selection of work gloves, safety gloves and water-resistant gloves:


If the user will be handling sharp objects, they need safety gloves with cut protection. From A, the lowest level, all the way up to F.


If the user is exposed to heat, they will require safety gloves that provide heat protection and prevent burns.


If the end user is exposed to chemicals, it is important to use the right work gloves to protect against the chemicals in questions. Gloves offering protection against chemicals exposure have a limited useful life of no more than 8 hours and must never be reused.


If the user requires extra precision, they need work gloves capable of satisfying this need.


If the user uses a computer screen or similar, they will require work gloves with touchscreen functionality.


Those who work outside in the winter or in cold environments need work gloves with insulating properties to protect against the cold.


Workers who spend time in the rain or very damp environments should opt for water-resistant gloves.


Those who do welding as part of their job should choose safety gloves especially designed for TIG/MIG welding.

We help you look after your most important tool

Our hands are our most important tools, which is why we need to protect them in the best possible way. But what properties make some work gloves better than others? We offer a wide range of work gloves, safety gloves and water resistant gloves, and when you choose Wenaas as your supplier you can feel reassured that you will be receiving the ultimate combination of functionality, durability and protection to fit your unique needs and working situation. Our sellers are ready and waiting to help you pick the right work gloves, safety gloves and water-resistant gloves.

Storm work gloves

Storm work gloves is Wenaas® new winter gloves series. To meet ever changing needs, we have invested in innovation and released two new models to make your working day better! We are exposed to a variety of weather conditions during the winter months. As the end user, you are exposed to days of extreme cold, rain, as well as milder and dry weather. In order to meet these challenging conditions, we have developed work gloves and water-resistant gloves capable of tackling these various conditions.

Storm arctic work gloves and water-resistant gloves. for the toughest conditions

Benefits of Storm Arctic work gloves:

  • Added insulation against the cold 40 G Thinsulate® 3M®
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective at the fingertips and wrists for improved visibility
  • Reinforced with goat skin for added durability

Storm for normal winter days

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Impact safety gloves and water-resistant gloves

Impact is Wenaas® glove series offering impact protection. Needs change over time, and we are constantly developing safety gloves and water-resistant gloves to keep up with the market. The hand is the body’s gripping tool. It has precious knuckles and joints that require the very best protection. That is why we have developed safety gloves and water-resistant gloves with impact protection, to ensure that one of the body’s most important tools is not subjected to risk.

Impact safety gloves and water-resistant gloves are available in three different versions depending on the level of protection required

Impact Waterproof work gloves:

  • Waterproof membrane
  • Cut level D
  • Impact protection

Impact Extreme work gloves:

  • Cut level D
  • Impact protection

Impact work gloves:

  • Impact protection
  • More flexible
  • No cut protection

Water resistant gloves

What is good about water resistant gloves is that these can make your hands feel warm. It is a big help in adding warmth to your fingers when working wintertime and under freezing conditions. In addition, you can use it to improve your wardrobe collection – considering the fact that aside from being functional, the best water resistant gloves are also stylish. In fact, there are different styles that you can choose from. By owning a pair of water resistant gloves, doing your job right will be easier knowing that you also have the correct protective equipment.

Assembly work gloves

Assembly is Wenaas® new series within the assembly glove category. With this new series, we wanted to take things one step further.

Benefits of Assembly work gloves

  • Improved thumb grip with ergonomic fitting
  • Enhanced cuff
  • Produced in two different qualities of goatskin
  • Special edition with chromium-free microfiber

By emphasizing vital areas such as material quality, fit, performance and design, we believe that we meet your demands as the end consumer in a better way. Common for all of our work gloves is the improved thumb grip and enhanced cuff. Furthermore, we have introduced Premium work gloves with the best leather quality, reinforcement in the palm area, and a timeless design that catches the eye.

The Assembly series – Improved thumb grip

We have altered the way in which we manufacture the thumb grip. Traditional thumb grips have a tendency to lead to a worse glove fit. However, the thumb grip is now improved and elaborated, in that the leather is shaped more carefully and placement relies on enhancing ergonomic properties.

The Assembly series – Enhanced cuff

How the work gloves fit around the wrists are essential for the user experience. We have chosen to depart from textile-based cuffs and instead chosen TPR (thermoplastic rubber). TPR allows for a more robust fitting of the cuff, and following allows the cuff to sit better around the wrist.

The Assembly series – Different levels of quality

We have chosen to separate quality by colors. Black and white is our premium glove with the best leather quality. With our blue and white glove, we have swapped the pigskin with goatskin, which provides better dexterity. Finally, the grey and white glove is made with microfiber, and it is chromium-free, in case you react to this element.

Assembly work gloves comes in 3 different versions, including summer and winter editions


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