work gloves

Work gloves for a safe, adaptable working day

As the leading manufacturer in Norway of workwear and protective equipment, we are well aware that the right gloves for the job are crucial from the perspectives of comfort, functionality and safety. Finding work gloves that are comfortable, provide the required protection, allow freedom of movement for your fingers, ensure a firm grip irrespective of weather conditions, and stay on your hands throughout the work process can be quite a task, and demands a thorough approach. Our product experts are happy to help with a risk assessment to assist you in choosing the gloves that provide appropriate protection against the risk(s) at hand, and help you get the job done in the best possible manner.


Keeping hands safe in most sectors

We at Wenaas have focused on developing gloves for the oil, gas and construction sectors, as well as other industrial professions, with the emphasis on user comfort, the relevant work assignments and safety. In designing gloves to provide protection against chemicals, we have chosen to work with other leading manufacturers so as to be able to supply a complete range.


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