The right workwear helps you get the job done

Wenaas delivers work clothes for men and women, as well as personal protective equipment for sectors with extremely high safety requirements. Our products are designed to provide protection against everything from water to heat, from noise to falls, from freezing to flames – from head to toe. We make sure that workers feel confident that their work clothes and protective equipment are shielding them from dangers at work, so that they can come home safe and sound at the end of the day.

Wenaas is a pioneer in the development and production of workwear in Norway, based on the needs of Norwegian workers. We have a long tradition of developing and producing clothes and equipment with truly special properties. In many cases, the same clothing has to meet more – and different – safety requirements, while comfort remains an important supplementary factor for all the professional groups to whom we deliver workwear. Demands vary from one industry to the other, and we develop products specifically for sectors including:

  • Fire and rescue
  • Industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Uniform
  • Construction

We have for a long time been a preferred supplier of workwear to the industrial, building and construction sectors. Moreover, we have in excess of 30 years of experience in developing emergency response clothing and station uniforms for the fire and rescue sector, ambulances, emergency outpatient clinics, sea rescue, air ambulances and voluntary rescue organisations. From the earliest days of the boom in the Norwegian oil and gas industry, Wenaas has been helping make working days on the Norwegian continental shelf safer – by supplying clothes and protective equipment adapted to suit the demanding assignments performed offshore. We have built up a professional environment that works closely with the SINTEF research organisation and other leading research institutes. In addition to a broad standard range of heavy work clothes and protective equipment, we also supply specially designed work outfits and complete collections tailored to match the customer’s wishes and requirements exactly. Some companies have specific, practical needs, while others want workwear and personal protective equipment that reflects their own profile and image.


Wenaas supplies everything in the field of work clothes and protective equipment, with or without customer-specific design and printing:

  • Safety shoes and boots
  • Work trousers and coveralls
  • Underclothes, intermediate and outer layers
  • Gloves
  • All kinds of personal protective equipment
  • Flame-retardant work clothes
  • Customised special designs

Product development takes place in environments where work clothes and protective equipment have to be

Our product developers work closely with end users and maintain no-compromise focus on personal protection and safety. Direct innovation combined with specialist sector competence has made our peerless “head to toe” range the market leader in Norway. Wenaas participates in a number of development projects, including Arctic Protection, in order to identify new solutions that keep users warm and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions and temperature. New solutions and technologies are progressively transferred to our other lines of work clothes.

Certified protective equipment in compliance with standard

In addition to satisfying users’ needs, many of our products also have to be certified as personal protective equipment. Wenaas employs dedicated staff who work with EN/ISO standards, and who maintain a close working relationship with accredited test and certification institutes. This setup ensures that everything we produce in the field of workwear and protective equipment is always certified and approved in accordance with the latest standards and regulations. In cases where our customers have performed a risk assessment, we make sure that the products we supply are certified and provide the right protection in relation to the tasks that are to be carried out.


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