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On this page you will find examples of videos that can be launched for end-user.

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Training and Information portal

On this webpage you will find training information and information that is usefull for correct use of your PPE and PPC.

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Exampe of text and video no. 1:

Rep-kit for repairing Gore-Tex garments

Got a hole or a tear in your Gore-Tex garment? You can do something about it! You do not need to buy a new garment because the Gore-Tex membrane is punctured. Buy a Rep-kit for Gore-Tex which is available in both visibility yellow and navy blue and repair your garment at home. In this way, you extend the life of the garment and are more environmentally friendly. We have made an easy instructional video on how to do it.

Rep-kit is suitable for repairing Gore-Tex garments in the Pyrad Electric Arc and Arctic Protection series from Wenaas.

Example text and video no. 2:

Tool Guard

Secure your tools with Tool Guard.